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Russian Automotive Market Research presents a new product -
a detailed

This catalogue contains data on the entire model line-up of new buses currently presented in the Russian market, as well as used bus models.

The catalogue allows you to carry out detailed segmentation of the bus market. It includes:

  • detailed description of the bus (manufacturer, brand and model, class, purpose, length, the maximum number of seating and standing passengers, etc.);
  • specifications (GVW, carrying capacity, low-floor on not, articulated or not, engine model, its emission standard);
  • comfort characteristics (air conditioner, soft seats, a separate place for the guide, volume of the luggage compartment).

Database contains the following information:

  • Brand
  • Model
  • Manufacturer
  • GVW
  • Carrying capacity
  • GVW in segment
  • Length
  • Door number
  • Class
  • Purpose
  • Number of passengers
  • Seats number
  • Standing places number
  • Low-floor or not
  • Articulated or not
  • Volume of the luggage compartment(s)
  • Air conditioner
  • Soft seats
  • Separate place for the guide
  • Data source
  • Vehicle type approval number
  • Engine
  • Engine emission standard
  • Bus category, etc.
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