Customized research

Apart from a wide range of off-the-shelf solutions, Russian Automotive Market Research offers solutions tailored to customers’ needs.

The customized research is based on our own data archives as well as 20+ years of ongoing market research.  

Areas of research:
1. Analysis of investment potential, labour force, production sites, warehouses in Russian regions. Analysis of the legal basis of setting up a business in regions.

2. Analysis of the competitive environment in the country and regions:
competitors’ production facilities

  • competitors’ product range
  • competitors’ sales networks
  • competitors’ pricing policy
  • competitors’ financial statement

3. Market analysis by segment:

• autocomponents
• fuel (petrol, diesel, gas)
• oils and lubricants
• special purpose trucks
• auto lending, leasing, insurance

4. Customized report configuration:
• statistical reports tailored to customer needs
• development of spreadsheets to meet unique customer requirements

Car leasing

Excel, Access, DV


Car insurance

Excel, Access, DV