Automotive market segments

01.01.2014 / Plastics Use in KAMAZ Vehicles, 2004-2020, kg/vehicle*

Currently KAMAZ uses more than 500 items of plastic parts in the design of its vehicles. The total weight of plastic components in each vehicle is from 190 to 250 kg.
At that in new vehicle models this figure will increase due to company's objectives concerning the use of modern polymer materials.


01.01.2014 / New fleet truck market with GVW over 5 tons, by GVW, January - Marth 2014

In the first quarter of 2014 sales of new trucks for fleets in Russia decreased in comparison with the similar period of 2013. In January-March 2014 in Russia 16.2 thousand new trucks* were sold, which is a 11.4% decrease on the previous year.


01.01.2014 / Use of Structural Polymeric Materials for Automotive Components in Russia, 2013, Tons

According to estimates of representatives of the Russian market of composite materials for the automotive industry, by 2015 its volume will reach 80-95 thousand tons, which is almost 20% increase on the current indices. Foreign, i.e. import materials will account for a considerable part of it - more than one-third.

01.01.2014 / Commercial Cargo Transportation in Russia, 2012-2013, Million Tons

In 2013 the volume of passenger transportation by motor vehicles (buses) amounted to 11.3 billion people, which is a significant decrease by 9% on the similar figure of 2012.

However, bus transportation still occupies a significant share in the structure of passenger transportation by all vehicle types. In 2013 the share of bus transportation amounted to 58.5%. For comparison, in 2012, this figure was slightly higher and amounted to 59.3%.

01.01.2014 / Profitable to Unprofitable Dealers Ratio, 2013-2014, %

In 2014 rates of the average profitability of dealer centers slightly changed in comparison with 2013. But negative market trends will certainly affect this index.

01.01.2014 / Land transport accident rates

Minibus taxis, often presented by vehicles of extra small and small classes, are characterized by the high mobility in comparison with large municipal buses. The quickness of transportation combined with the route convenience are decisive factors in favor of commercial routes for many passengers, who value time and comfort.

01.01.2014 / Forecast of the Russian Vehicle Market Development, 2015-2017, Million Units

Measures of State Support of the Automotive Industry To Be Implemented Beginning 2015-2016

  • Introduction of lifetime limit for motor vehicles
  • Replacement of the transport tax with the ecotax...

01.01.2014 / Market Structure of Used Trucks with GVW over 6 Tons in Russia, By Brand Origin, 2012-2013

In 2013, 305.2 thousand used trucks with GVW over 6 tons were sold in the Russian market. In comparison with 2012, the market declined by 0.11%, in general there were no significant structural changes in it.
Russian brands remain the leaders of sales in the Russian market of used trucks; their share in the total sales structure makes 54.1%. In comparison with 2012, there is a small growth - both in terms of the market share and quantitative indices.

01.01.2014 / Overall Average Commercial Product Flow Speed, km per day

The quality of roads was also significantly changed. Over the last few years in Russia modern highways of the world level were constructed. In particular, these are the Ring Road and Western High-Speed Diameter in Saint Petersburg, backup of Kurortny Prospekt in Sochi and other facilities.