Automotive market segments

07.12.2016 / New LCV sales by brand origin (9 months of 2016 )

Market leaders remained vehicles manufactured in Russia, which increased their share to 84.61% despite slight decrease in demand.

05.12.2016 / New truck sales, ТОР-20 regions (9 months of 2016 )

The leader in sales remained Moscow, which, however, reduced its share to 8.09% against the background of the sharp sales decline. TOP-3 also included the Moscow region and Khanty-Mansi AR, which, unlike the leader, showed positive dynamics. 

19.10.2016 / Trailer fleet age composition in Kazakhstan

Trailer and semi-trailer fleet in Kazakhstan (as of 17.05.2016) is characterized by dominance of rather old unpowered vehicles: trailers and semi-trailers aged over 10 years account for 79.63% of such vehicles in use.

30.08.2016 / Trailer corporate fleet age composition

Russian Automotive Market Research reports that as  of 01 July 2016 legal entities registered  412.3 thousand trailers and semi-trailers, 54.5% of which are over 10 years old.  

10.08.2016 / Regional truck market in January-June 2016

Russian Automotive Market Research reports that in January-June 2016 new truck sales amounted to 21.2 thousand vehicles, that was a 4.96% decline on the first half-year of 2015.