Automotive market segments

28.12.2017 / New car sales composition by price segments, TOP-10 Rissian cities, November 2017,%

Russian Automotive Market Research analyzed the structure of new car sales by price segments in ten largest cities of Russia.

The share of premium segment cars turned out to be the highest in Moscow – 21%. In Saint-Petersburg the market share of premium cars is significantly lower than in Moscow – 14%...

20.12.2017 / New car prices (Rub) and their depreciation (%)

Russian Automotive Market Research analyzed  depreciation of the TOP-30 models on the used car market aged 7 years and under with the average annual mileage within 18 000 km. After the first year of ownership cars lose on average 15% of their price, while after seven years of ownership depreciation amounts to 53%. 

11.12.2017 / New LCV sales composition until 2022 by body type, baseline scenario

According to the baseline scenario, ... in the mid-term future the share of the leading segment – vans – is expected to go down, as well as the share of minibuses.

30.11.2017 / New trailer sales composition, TOP-10 brands, January-October 2016-2017

In January-October 2017 SCHMITZ, KRONE, WIELTON, GRUNWALD, KAESSBOHRER demonstrated the most remarkable growth in sales among the TOP-10 brands – by 176%-346%, whereas NEFAZ sales went up by just 7.06%.  Totally, foreign trailer sales grew three-fold, while Russian trailer sales increased by 33%.  

01.11.2017 / LCV sales composition in Russia, TOP 10 brands, January- September 2017 , %

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, sales of new light commercial vehicles in Russia over the first nine months of 2017 grew by 18.3% and reached 81.4 thousand units. The share of corporate clients (legal entities) in the new LCV sales structure was 63.6%. In comparison with the same period of the last year this figure grew: in January-September 2016 sales to corporate customers accounted for 59% of the market.

18.10.2017 / TOP-20 industrial facilities under construction by funds allocated

Russian Automotive Market Research expanded the “Infrastructure projects” report: now the report also includes the data on industrial construction projects – plants, factories, industrial facilities with the budget exceeding 300 mln rubles.

17.10.2017 / New gas vehicle sales, first half-year 2017

Despite the government programs aimed to support gas vehicle sales, gas vehicles* still make a small share of new vehicle sales in Russia. In the first half-year 2017 gas vehicles accounted for just 0.1% of all new cars sold, gas trucks made 1.6%, whereas gas LCV and gas buses accounted for 7.6% and 12.1% correspondingly.

09.10.2017 / Motor oil consumption will grow

The Russian motor oil consumption amounts to 869 mln liters, the largest consumers being the car segment and the truck segment accounting for 42% and 38% correspondingly ... 

03.10.2017 / TOP-10 diesel models, January-August 2017, units

In January-August 2017 new diesel car sales grew by 31.4% to 57.8 thousand vehicles.

Diesel cars accounted for 6.5%, while in January-August 2016 their share was 5.7% ...

28.09.2017 / Average prices for SUV by price segments, 2017 September

The average prices for low-cost SUV in September 2017 was 779.8 thousand rubles, whereas SUV of the mass segment cost on average 1942.2 thousand rubles.
In the Low-cost segment LADA SUV has the lowest average price, while the most expensive SUV are offered by the Chinese brand Zotye ...