Automotive market segments

18.10.2017 / TOP-20 industrial facilities under construction by funds allocated

Russian Automotive Market Research expanded the “Infrastructure projects” report: now the report also includes the data on industrial construction projects – plants, factories, industrial facilities with the budget exceeding 300 mln rubles.

17.10.2017 / New gas vehicle sales, first half-year 2017

Despite the government programs aimed to support gas vehicle sales, gas vehicles* still make a small share of new vehicle sales in Russia. In the first half-year 2017 gas vehicles accounted for just 0.1% of all new cars sold, gas trucks made 1.6%, whereas gas LCV and gas buses accounted for 7.6% and 12.1% correspondingly.

09.10.2017 / Motor oil consumption will grow

The Russian motor oil consumption amounts to 869 mln liters, the largest consumers being the car segment and the truck segment accounting for 42% and 38% correspondingly ... 

03.10.2017 / TOP-10 diesel models, January-August 2017, units

In January-August 2017 new diesel car sales grew by 31.4% to 57.8 thousand vehicles.

Diesel cars accounted for 6.5%, while in January-August 2016 their share was 5.7% ...