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30.11.2017 / New trailer sales composition, TOP-10 brands, January-October 2016-2017

In January-October 2017 SCHMITZ, KRONE, WIELTON, GRUNWALD, KAESSBOHRER demonstrated the most remarkable growth in sales among the TOP-10 brands – by 176%-346%, whereas NEFAZ sales went up by just 7.06%.  Totally, foreign trailer sales grew three-fold, while Russian trailer sales increased by 33%.  

01.11.2017 / LCV sales composition in Russia, TOP 10 brands, January- September 2017 , %

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, sales of new light commercial vehicles in Russia over the first nine months of 2017 grew by 18.3% and reached 81.4 thousand units. The share of corporate clients (legal entities) in the new LCV sales structure was 63.6%. In comparison with the same period of the last year this figure grew: in January-September 2016 sales to corporate customers accounted for 59% of the market.