Automotive market segments

25.04.2017 / Infrastructure projects report is updated

Russian Automotive Market Research has updated the ‘Infrastructure Projects’ report. The report includes data on new and current long-term strategic projects aimed at construction and update of the road, logistics, industrial, social infrastructure, with information on the customer, contractor, funding, construction phase. 

24.04.2017 / Trucks-in-use by federal districts, %

As of 01.01.2017 all trucks-in-use in Russia make 3 304.9 thousand vehicles. Three federal districts – Central, Volga and Siberia - account for over 50% of all trucks in use.

19.04.2017 / Age composition of corporate car fleets and private cars-in-use, %

The age composition of corporate car fleets and private cars-in-use differs a lot. The corporate car fleet is considerably younger: cars aged 1-3 years - that is  warranty cars -  account for 24.32% of the fleet, while among private cars-in-use they make only 9.58%. 

12.04.2017 / Prices for used 16-24 tonne tractor units of European brands manufactured in 2012, thousand rubles

In March 2017  the average price for DAF and SCANIA tractor units was 6%-8% down on March 2016, the average price for IVECO, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Volvo tractor units grew by 2% - 7% on March 2016.