Automotive market segments

26.05.2017 / New car sales by country of manufacture, January-April 2017/2016, %

In January-April 2017 the share or cars manufactured in Russia grew from 80.2% to 86.3%. Cars manufactured Germany and Japan came second and third.

24.05.2017 / Tire market in Russia, 2008-2016, mln

Russian Automotive Market Research reports that in 2016 the tire market in Russia was 10% down on 2015 and amounted to  41.2 mln pieces. Tire market has been on the decline since 2013 ...

18.05.2017 / Truck dealerships, TOP-10 regions, March 2017

As of March 2017 there are 1059 truck dealer centers engaged in sales of new tucks.
The TOP-10 regions account for over 40% of truck dealerships, the largest number being in Moscow region and Moscow.  

10.05.2017 / Average prices for mass segment cars by classes, Rub.

Over the last five years average prices for new cars of the mass segment grew by 50%.  Within the mass segment the price growth rate varied a lot depending on the class. В, C and D classes showed the lowest increase: by  25.63%,  37.35% and 32.99% correspondingly, whereas prices for pickups grew by 90.53%.