01.01.2010 / Structure of the Russian Bus Engineering Market in the Russian Federation in 2008-2009, thousand units.

Traditionally the medium sized golf-class (C) cars are most popular in Russia but according to the results of 2009 such cars ratio in the total structure of the new foreign cars sales decreased by 3.2 % – down to 32.1 %. In quantitative terms the sales volumes of the C class cars decreased by 56 % and came to 315,628 units. 

01.01.2010 / Profit Structure Comparison before Crisis

Before the crisis the Russian automotive market had demonstrated the record breaking sales growth provided, to some extent, by the rapid development of auto crediting.
Against the background of the favourable market conditions auto retailers were making up ambitious plans by increasing the workspace of the existing dealer centers and opening the new ones. 

01.01.2010 / New and Used Bus Import Structure, 8 Months of 2010, By Class

In spite of Russian bus import positive dynamics, impact of the global economic crisis is still evident. Russian customers generally prefer inexpensive used vehicles which feature quite high quality.