01.01.2014 / Bus Parc Structure in Russia, 2012, By Asian Brand, Thousand Units

Buses of Korean brands have a significant share in the TOP-5 list of the park of Asian brands.
Hyundai buses with their 37.4% or 30.6 thousand units are the leaders in the Asian-branded parc, followed by Toyota Japanese brand with a share of 14.3%

01.01.2014 / Bus Parc Structure in Russia, 2012, By European Brand, Thousand Units

Mercedes-Benz brand with a share of 20.9% or 22.5 thousand units of the parc of European brands is the leader in the parc of buses of European brands in Russia. Ikarus buses account for 12.1% or 13.0 thousand units.

01.01.2014 / New Chinese Brand Car Sales in Russia by Country of Production, I-st HY 2014, %

As it follows from the analysis of sales of new cars in the first half-year of 2014, nowadays Russian plants assemble 62.6% of cars under the Chinese brands which are sold in the Russian market. The share of the Chinese vehicles imported to Russia in the sales structure amounts to 27.5%.