Automotive Market in CIS

21.11.2017 / New car and LCV sales in Kazakhstan, Jan-Oct 2017, %

In January-October 2017 new car and LCV sales in Kazakhstan amounted to 37 thousand vehicles which was a 5.3% growth on the same period of 2016. Since May 2017 automotive sales in Kazakhstan have been on the rise, the largest growth being shown in September, when the market was 47.2% up on September 2016. In October 2017 the  growth rate slowed down to a more moderate 24.7%.

09.11.2017 / Automotive production in the CIS, January-September 2017

In the nine months of 2017 automotive production in Kazakhstan and Ukraine grew by 56.4% and 93.0% correspondingly on the same period of 2016.
Kazakhstan manufactured  13 thousand vehicles, with cars accounting for 89%. In Ukraine cars dominate production as well ...