21.04.2017 / Vehicle production in Russia, January-March 2017, ‘000

In January-March 2017 automotive production in Russia grew by 20.71% on the same period of 2016 and accounted to 335.1 thousand vehicles.
Truck and bus production showed the largest growth +41.15% and +41.06 correspondingly.

13.04.2017 / Trailer and semi-trailer production in Russia by Federal districts, thousand units

In January-February 2017 trailer production amounted to 13.9 thousand trailers and semi-trailers which was a 31.5% decline on January-February 2016.

10.04.2017 / Automotive production in CIS countries, January-February 2017

Russian Automotive Market Research reports that the first two months of 2017 showed a growth in car production in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. 

04.04.2017 / Automotive production in Russia, 2015-2017, thousand units

Russian Automotive Market Research reports that in January-February 2017, automotive production in Russia amounted to 199.3 thousand vehicles.

Car production grew by 19.94% on 2016 and made 177.2 thousand vehicles. LCV production went 8.75% up on 2016 to 13.3 thousand vehicles ...