28.06.2018 / LCV production growth rates, by brand origin, January- May, 2016-2018

The production of light commercial vehicles (LCV) in Russia decreased by 2% over five months of 2018 to 46.4 thousand units. It should be noted that the production decline was shown by LCV of Russian brands (-12%), while the production of foreign light commercial vehicles was up by 40%.

04.06.2018 / Truck production composition by manufacturer, January-April 2018, %

In January-April 2018 truck production in Russia amounted to 19.8 thousand vehicles, which was a 10% rise on the same period of 2017. The TOP-5 manufacturers – KAMAZ, GAZ, Volvo Vostok, Daimler-Kamaz Rus, URAL - accounted for 97% of truck production ...