01.01.2014 / Forecast of the Russian Vehicle Market Development, 2015-2017, Million Units

Measures of State Support of the Automotive Industry To Be Implemented Beginning 2015-2016

  • Introduction of lifetime limit for motor vehicles
  • Replacement of the transport tax with the ecotax...

01.01.2014 / New Car and LCV Sales Structure, By Brand, I Half-Year, 2014, %

In the first half of 2014, the Russian market of cars and light commercial vehicles fell by 7.6% or 101.3 thousand units in comparison with the similar period of the last year.

AVTOVAZ is still the leader in the Russian automotive market; in the first half of 2014 it sold about 200 thousand cars LADA.

01.01.2014 / Premium and Luxury Car Sales, By Class, January-October 2014, %

SUVs of various types accounted for more than half of the market of premium and luxury cars over the first ten months of 2014. Thus, 31% of premium and luxury cars sold during this period belong to the class of mid and full-size SUVs and 27.3% - to the class of compact SUVs. 

01.01.2014 / New Chinese LCV Market Dynamics, by Body Type, January-October 2014, unit

Vans constitute about half of all light commercial vehicles sold in Russia in January-October 2014. In comparison with the similar period of the last year their share in total sales slightly changed. The share of high-sided and tilt LCVs decreased from 21.6% to 17.1% over this period.

01.01.2014 / New Trailer Sales Structure, By Brand, 9 Months, 2013-2014, %

In comparison with the similar period of 2013, during the first 9 months of 2014 there was a steady reduction in the demand in the segment of new trailers. Each month over three quarters of 2014, sales of new vehicles decreased against each of the similar months of 2013.

01.01.2014 / New Bus Sales Structure in Russia, By Country of Brand Origin, 9 Months, 2013-2014, %

As for the structure of sales by country of the brand origin sales of almost all countries included in the TOP-5 decreased. Moreover, on the basis of sales over 9 months of 2014 the TOP-5 rating included buses of Chinese brands, which immediately occupied the top three.