08.12.2016 / New bus market, 2015-2016 January- September

Over 9 months of 2016 the Russian new bus market increased by 20.64%. The most favorable period for the market lasted from May to August.

07.12.2016 / New LCV market, 2015-2016 January-September

In January-September 2016 the Russian new LCV market decreased by 6.25% and amounted to 68.9 thousand units. Demand fell within 7 of 9 reporting months. 

06.12.2016 / Used car market, 2015-2016 (January-September)

In January-September 2016 the used car market grew by 10.98% compared to the same period of 2015.

06.12.2016 / New truck market forecast until 2021, thousand units

The market of new trucks fell by 40.76% in 2015 in relation to the level of 2014. Taking into account the situation in 2014 – the first half of 2016 and forecasts on macroeconomic, legal and market factors, the forecast till 2021 was formed.

05.12.2016 / New truck market, 2015-2016 (January-September)

For nine months of 2016 the Russian new truck market increased by 2.54% and amounted to 34.9 thousand trucks. After a short decline in the beginning of the year the further period from March to September was characterized by positive dynamics.