27.12.2017 / Russian new truck market by gross vehicle weight, January-November 2017/2016, %

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, in January-November 2017 the most significant growth in the new truck market was shown by a segment of vehicles with GVW of 16-24 tons – 83%. Sales of trucks with GVW exceeding 32 tons and 24-32 tons sharply increased as well – by 64% and 47%, respectively.

26.12.2017 / Bus production and sales in Russia, Jan-Nov 2017

Bus sales and production fell in November 2017
The new bus market does not show high growth typical for markets of other vehicle types this year. According to Russian Automotive Market Research, in June and July 2017 new bus sales decreased by 33% and 30%, respectively, on the previous year. In November 2017 the market fell again ...

21.12.2017 / New bus sales composition by classes till 2022, %: baseline scenario

New bus sales are expected to go 5.3% up on 2016 totalling 11.3 thousand vehicles by the end of 2017. In 2017 the share of medium class buses is expected to decrease considerably: according to the baseline  scenario of the forecast, it will go down from 31.6% to 26.4%. Moreover, it will continue to decline in the mid-term

18.12.2017 / New vehicle sales growth, TOP-5 brands, November 2017/2016, %

New vehicle markets in Russia keep growing. In January-November 2017 new car sales increased by 16% to 1276.9 thousand vehicles. The growth rate in the LCV market was nearly the same: the market went up by 16.7% to 103.4 thousand vehicles ...  


06.12.2017 / Average prices for TОР-5 models, Nov 2017/Nov 2016, thousand rubles

The TOP-5 models in the new car market in January-November 2017 were Kia Rio, Lada Granta, Hyundai Solaris, Lada Vesta and Hyundai Creta. The average prices in November 2017 grew on November 2016 at a different pace.

Kia Rio showed the largest growth in price among the TOP-5 models – by 10.6%  which is 80 thousand rubles.

05.12.2017 / New Russian and foreign truck sales until 2022, thousand vehicles

According to the baseline scenario in 2017 new truck sales will grow by 45.4% to 75.4 thousand vehicles.

In 2017 growth in new truck sales will be caused by: 
increase in the production of industries-consumers of trucks, stabilization of world oil prices and slight strengthening of the ruble ...

30.11.2017 / New trailer sales, January-October 2016-2017

In January-October 2017 new trailer and semi-trailer[1] sales amounted to 20 192 units which was a 66.86% growth on the same period of 2016.   In October 2017 the new trailer market was 68.70% up on October 2016 and made 2 684 units

[1] Hereinafter – trailers.

27.11.2017 / New truck sales composition by price segments, Jan-Oct, 2016-2017, %

In January-October 2017 new truck sales grew by 52% on the same period of the previous year to 60.4 thousand vehicles. At that sales composition by price segment changed considerably ...

20.11.2017 / New vehicle sales in Russia, January-October 2017

In January-October 2017 new car sales grew by 16.1% on the same period of 2016 to 1147.4 thousand vehicles. In October 2017 the market was 13% up on October 2016.   
New truck sales amounted to 60.2 thousand vehicles, which was a 51.7% growth on 2016. In October 2017 the market was 60.3% up on October 2016 ...