29.06.2017 / New bus sales, TOP-10 brands, January-May, 2016-2017, %

PAZ – the market leader – accounted for 56% of new bus sales; LIAZ comes second with 17% of the market. Sales of these two brands showed a considerable increase, sales of other Russian brands declined.

Sales of Chinese brands are growing rapidly ...

27.06.2017 / New car sales composition, TOP-10 brands, January-May 2016-2017, %

LADA accounted for 20.4% of new car sales in the first five months of 2017.

KIA came second with a 12.9% share. Among the TOP-10 brands only NISSAN sales declined ...

26.06.2017 / New truck sales, TOP-10 brands, January-May 2017/2016, %

The share of Russian brands – KAMAZ, GAZ, URAL – is continuing to decrease.

In January-May 2017 they accounted for 57% of new truck sales, while a year ago they made 72% of the new truck market ...

19.06.2017 / New bus sales by classes till 2022

In 2017 bus sales are expected to show an upward trend with a 14.1%-17.8% growth on 2016.

The small class is expected to increase its market share in the next few years.  

15.06.2017 / New LCV sales by brand origin, baseline scenario, 2017-2022

According to the forecast, in 2017 new LCV sales are expected to grow  19.36-23.23% on 2016. In the context of market growth in 2018-2022  the share of Russian brands is expected to decline gradually.

14.06.2017 / New car sales until 2022

According to the baseline scenario, new car sales in 2017 are expected to grow 7.74% on 2016 to  1 335.7 thousand vehicles.

13.06.2017 / New truck sales until 2022

New truck sales in 2017 are expected to grow 20.39%–25.39% on 2016.

The period of particularly high growth until 2020 is expected to be followed by the period of much lower growth rate

06.06.2017 / Used truck sales by gross vehicle weight, January-April 2017/2016

In January-April 2017 used truck with gross vehicle weight of 16-24 tonnes are the largest segment on the market with a share of nearly 40%.