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13.11.2019 / New Peugeot center opened in Rostov-on-Don

«Fresh Auto» became the official Peugeot dealer in Rostov-on-Don.
Area of the new Peugeot showroom is 450 square meters. The client zone covers 90 square meters. Almost 400 square meters are occupied by warehouse, while 1000 square meters - by service zone.

12.11.2019 / Volvo S60 received a new starting version in Russia

Volvo began to accept orders for the premium S60 sports sedan in the starting version Momentum in Russia. Prices for the front-wheel drive version with petrol engine capacity of 190 HP start from 2 million 400 thousand rubles. The cost of all-wheel drive Volvo S60 with petrol engine capacity of 249 HP is 2 million 770 thousand rubles.

12.11.2019 / Launch of Russian sales of the updated Lexus GX 460

Lexus dealers in Russia launched sales of the updated Lexus GX 460SUV. The novelty is offered in 4 versions - Executive 5 (4 million 565 thousand rubles), Executive Sport 5 (4 million 672 thousand rubles), Premium (4 million 969 thousand rubles) and Premium Sport (5 million 061 thousand rubles).

12.11.2019 / Announcement of prices for LADA Vesta with CVT

All models of LADA Vesta family (except LADA Vesta Sport) received a continuously variable automatic gear box, which work in combination with the engine capacity of 113 HP. Prices for the new LADA Vesta AT sedan start from 736.9 thousand rubles.

12.11.2019 / The Russian new car market is in the red again

According to RAMR, over the first ten months of 2019 1 270.24 thousand new cars were sold in the Russian market – by 2.2% less than in the previous year.
Traditionally the market leader by sales was LADA, which sold 276.58 thousand cars for the reporting period ...

12.11.2019 / The new Haval center opened in Saint Petersburg

Alarm-Motors group of companies opened a new Haval center in Saint Petersburg. At the same time, the dealership launched sales of Haval F7x coupe-crossover.
Investment in the opening of the dealership amounted to 70 million rubles...

11.11.2019 / Volkswagen Touareg Exclusive is available with the new engine in Russia

Volkswagen Touareg in the version Exclusive received a new petrol engine capacity of 340 HP, which works in combination with 8-speed automatic gear box and all-wheel drive in the Russian market. The novelty cost is 5 million 049 thousand rubles.

08.11.2019 / The seven-seat Volkswagen Tiguan was certified for the Russian market

According to the vehicle type approval appeared in the Rosstandart database, Volkswagen Tiguan with the elongated body and the optional third row will enter the Russian market.
In accordance with the vehicle type approval, Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace will be 95-215 mm longer (depending on the body kit) and 1-33 mm higher than the standard one.

08.11.2019 / Used competitors of the new LADA Granta

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, LADA Granta remains the most in-demand model in the Russian market. Over the first nine months of 2019 88.7 thousand units of this model were sold.
The average price for the new LADA Granta is 576 thousand rubles. Russian Automotive Market Research selected used car models at the price from 560 to 590 thousand rubles.

07.11.2019 / Volkswagen Touareg in the new version Business is available to buyers in Russia

Official Volkswagen dealers in Russia launched sales of the new Touareg SUV version called Business.
The special version is available with petrol or diesel engine capacity of 249 HP in combination with 8-speed automatic gear box. The price for the version with petrol engine – 3 million 699 thousand rubles, with diesel one - 4 million 219 thousand rubles.