29.10.2014 / Bulten-Rus JV was opened in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group and Bulten, Swedish manufacturer of fasteners, opened a joint venture Bulten-Rus at the production facilities of Gorky Automobile Plant, which became the first Bulten production site in Russia. Total investment of GAZ and Bulten in the creation of a new plant made 12 million Euros. The new equipment to provide all stages of the complete fasteners production cycle – cold heading, thread rolling and heat treatment was installed on site of GAZ Group.

The annual production capacity of Bulten-Rus is 6-8 thousand tons depending on the range of products; the starting capacity is 4 thousand tons. The JV products will be used for the new family of GAZ commercial vehicle NEXT, as well as supplied to other automakers operating in Russia, including foreign ones.

27.10.2014 / «PSMA Rus» is ready to cooperate with Russian manufacturers of automotive components

Russian Automotive Market Research

The plant «PSMA Rus» in Kaluga began to search for Russian suppliers of automotive components because of decline in the ruble. The company plans to increase the number of Russian spare parts by 10% by the end of 2015.

The purchase of Russian components will enable the company to save directly and reduce logistics costs. The automaker looks for suppliers not only of the first but also the second and third levels and also plans to localize the supply of raw materials. In addition, the certification by «PSMA Rus» will be simplified.

The automaker wants to cooperate with companies from the CU countries as well.

23.10.2014 / The German Pierburg Pump Technology will organize production in Pskov

Russian Automotive Market Research

In November 2014 the German company Pierburg Pump Technology plans to launch production of automotive components value of 20-30 million Euros on site of the plant Avtoelektroarmatura (AVAR) in Pskov, specializing in the production of electrical equipment for vehicles (relays, window raiser switches, fuses).

Pierburg Pump Technology will deliver three production lines, each of which consists of 15 machines, to AVAR. The enterprise will assemble electric pumps for the cooling system of car engines and pre-heaters of components supplied from Germany. By 2016 it is planned to bring production volumes to 150000-200000 products per year.

13.10.2014 / The Schaeffler plant begins to operate in Ulyanovsk

Russian Automotive Market Research

The automotive components plant of the company Schaeffler AG (Germany) was opened in the Ulyanovsk region. The company is located in the industrial park Zavolzhie. Now two production lines produce clutches and parts for gear boxes.

When reaching the full capacity in 2017 Schaeffler plans to localize the production of five types of autocomponents in it - clutches, parts for engines, gear boxes, belt drive, hub bearings, as well as bearings and housings for railway transport. Total investment in the project will be more than 2 billion rubles by this time.