27.11.2014 / AVTOVAZ will produce engine parts

Russian Automotive Market Research

In the future AVTOVAZ plans to organize its own production of base engine parts. For the new 16-valve engine H4 displacement of 1.6 liters, which is now being developed at the engine plant, the company plans to produce a crankshaft, cylinder blocks and cylinder head. The full production cycle of aluminum blanks for the cylinder block and the cylinder head of the engine H4 - melting, casting, heat treatment equipment - will be placed in the metallurgical workshop of AVTOVAZ, for which areas were cleared out and repair works were carried out beforehand. Containers with equipment have been already delivered; a part of equipment will be commissioned in spring of 2015.

26.11.2014 / One more participant entered the Russian automotive component market

Russian Automotive Market Research

The group «World of packaging» in Saint Petersburg intends to invest 4.06 billion rubles in the construction of a third Russian plant design capacity of 24 thousand tons a year in Tatarstan on the territory of SEZ «Alabuga». In addition to the polymeric packaging, the new plant will produce plastic parts for automobile plants in the Volga region.

The main plant of «World of packaging» is located in Saint Petersburg; also there is a company in Krasnoyarsk. Production of the trial batch at the plant in «Alabuga» is scheduled for 2015. Until 2018, while the plant is built, capacities will be placed on leased areas (500 million rubles will be spent on this stage) in the industrial park «Synergy» (SEZ «Alabuga»). The payback period is 10 years, own resources account for the major part of investments. Site selection can be also explained by the proximity to the supplier: the company purchases polypropylene and polyethylene at plants in Tatarstan.

24.11.2014 / Bridgestone will build a plant in the Ulyanovsk region by 2016

Russian Automotive Market Research

The plant Bridgestone for the production of car tires will be opened in the Ulyanovsk region in summer of 2016. Currently, construction works are carried out at site. Since the beginning of 2015 it is planned to deliver equipment and in the first half of 2016 – launch the commercial production. This will be the first stage of the project, under which the plant plans to produce 12 thousand tires every day.

Bridgestone began the construction of its first Russian plant for the production of radial car tires in April 2014. Total investment in the project will amount to about 12.5 billion rubles. The company will produce the entire range of Bridgestone car tires.

14.11.2014 / «MAG Motor Company» will build a plant for the production of gas engines

Russian Automotive Market Research

«MAG Motor Company» plans to build in Samara a new enterprise for the production of engines running on natural gas and hybrid drives, as well as SKD assembly of trucks and buses, which use such units. Now the company implements a similar project in Saint Petersburg.

The total investment will be about 4 billion rubles. Currently the company selects the site for the plant construction. It is expected that small-scale production can be launched in 2016. The company also plans to construct the network of gas-filling stations.