22.12.2014 / Mubea begins to construct a plant

Russian Automotive Market Research

Mubea suspension components Rus LLC, a part of the Corporation Mubea (Germany), began the construction of a plant for the production of vehicle suspensions on the territory of a special economic zone Togliatti.

The total investment in the project will amount to 717 million rubles. The launch of production is scheduled for 2016. The plant will produce vehicle suspensions, stabilizers and springs. In the future, the resident intends to increase the production and manufacture the expanded model line-up of products - spring clamps and stabilizer rods.

19.12.2014 / Trucks Mercedes-Benz will be filled with Russian lubricating oil

Russian Automotive Market Research

On Thursday the plant, producing trucks Mercedes-Benz in Naberezhnye Chelny, launched the conveyor filling of motor oils of the company Gazpromneft - lubricants. Supplier of oils can fill about 300 vehicle chassis every day. According to the oil company, it automated the procurement, storage and delivery of products, which enables it to continuously provide the required quantity of oils and technical liquids. The company has been already supplying its products to the plants Derways, Avtotor, KAMAZ, GAZ Group.

18.12.2014 / In 2015 AVTOVAZ will launch the production of a new engine

Russian Automotive Market Research

AVTOVAZ received equipment for the production of engines for new models Lada and Renault-Nissan. The matter concerns the engine of the Alliance called H4.

The engine model will be used in different directions, including at IzhAvto, Renault Russia and AVTOVAZ.

Works on mounting of equipment for machining of the cylinder block and the block head for the engine H4 have been already carried out in one of the buildings of machine-assembly production. The production capacity will be 150 thousand sets per year with a three-shift mode of operation. The company has already decided to launch the second stage of installation of such equipment, which will be designed to produce 300 thousand sets. The first line will be commissioned in October 2015. It is planned to install this engine on all promising models AVTOVAZ.

15.12.2014 / Prices for tires are expected to significantly grow in 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

Because of the ruble slump the Russian tire manufacturers prepare to raise prices for their products in 2015 by 10-30%. Tires of manufacturers with no local production will become the most expensive. Among the largest importers are companies such as Hankook, Kumho, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Sumitomo, Toyo and Falken.

However, prices for not only the products of importers will significantly increase, since the cost of a substantial part of raw materials, purchased by tire producers, are also established in dollars or Euros.

08.12.2014 / Only transmission will remain of «yo-mobile»

Russian Automotive Market Research

ONEXIM looks for investors to launch the production of hybrid transmissions, developed for the failed project of the Russian hybrid «yo-mobile». Now buses will be equipped with these transmissions.

Now the company searches for a partner to establish a joint venture for the production of transmissions. Initially the group ONEXIM plans to annually produce 200-300 transmissions per year in its development center in Belarus, and in the future - on site of its future partner. The group notes that the main development has been already carried out, so investment in the production will be approximately 5-10 million dollars.

05.12.2014 / AVTOVAZ and Alliance Renault-Nissan established a joint purchasing company

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Board of Directors of AVTOVAZ approved the sale of 50% share in «Joint purchasing organization» LLC (JPO) to its partner - the Alliance Renault-Nissan: the purchasing company Renault-Nissan Purchasing Organization (RNPO) will receive 49%, Renault - 1%.

JPO was the first stage of the process of integration of the purchase of components and equipment for the production of cars in Russia in order to achieve better prices due to scale effect. This structure was negotiating with suppliers, but did not conclude contracts with them - manufacturers did it by themselves. A new joint purchasing company, Avtovaz Renault Nissan Purchasing Organization (ARNPO), in which AVTOVAZ will also own the share, may have such rights. It is expected that the new structure will begin to work in early 2015.

03.12.2014 / Car seats Martur will be produced in Ulyanovsk

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Turkish Martur, the world's largest manufacturer of car seats, plans to invest 5 million Euros in organization of production in Ulyanovsk. Martur, the government of the Ulyanovsk region and the regional development corporation signed an agreement on implementation of the project.

The project involves the organization of production on site of one of the vacant industrial buildings in Ulyanovsk. The mass production of car seats is scheduled for the beginning of October 2015.

In the future in order to expand the production Martur intends to acquire the land plot in the port special economic zone «Ulyanovsk-Vostochny» and build a full-fledged plant there. The amount of investment in this stage of the project is not specified.