26.10.2015 / Daimler will increase the level of localization of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter through using components produced at GAZ

Gorky Automobile Plant launched the production of stamped parts and body structural elements for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter manufactured by the plant since July 2013. The first stampings have been already shipped to the Mercedes assembly line at GAZ. The plan is to produce surface panels later on.


23.10.2015 / Fujikura opened a plant in Cheboksary

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Japanese company Fujikura Automotive Europe opened a plant for the production of car cables in Cheboksary. The government of the Chuvash Republic and Fujikura Automotive Rus Cheboksary signed the corresponding agreement in December 2014.

A new plant for the production of cables will supply its products to Volkswagen automotive group. Investment into the project made more than 260 million rubles.

14.10.2015 / Manufacturers of automotive components lose industrial assembly privileges

14\10\2015 Manufacturers of automotive components lose industrial assembly privileges

Russian Automotive Market Research

A number of foreign companies, which produce automotive parts at Russian facilities, could not continue to work in the privileged mode after suspension of agreements with the Ministry of Economic Development. Not all parties passed the annual inspection to achieve the required level of localization.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, seven companies, which produce components, did not receive target agreements (on the extension of rights to customs privileges) for 2015 because of the failure to reach the localization level in 2014. In particular, the situation concerned «Modine Rus» (the Russian subsidiary of Modine). The enterprise in Naberezhnye Chelny produces radiators for KAMAZ.

06.10.2015 / Investment of «Autocomponent» in the production of parts for Lada Vesta exceeded 500 million rubles

Russian Automotive Market Research Группа компаний "Автокомпонент" (является частью консорциума Х-Group) инвестировала более 530 млн руб. в производство комплектующих для новой модели Lada Vesta. Выпуск комплектующих будет осуществляться на собственной площадке "Автокомпонента" в Тольятти. В частности, более 500 млн руб. было направлено на создание комплекса по производству многослойных пластиковых бензобаков. Данный комплекс рассчитан на производство 120 тыс. изделий в год, что даже превышает плановые мощности производства Lada Vesta в 2015-м и 2016-м году. Кроме того, ГК также вложила порядка 30 млн руб. в производство 12 пластмассовых деталей с декоративным покрытием, изготавливаемых по технологии IMD (In-mold decoration, литье под пленку) для...