30.04.2015 / Cellino opened the plant in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

SMK, a subsidiary of Italian Cellino S. r.l., opened the first industrial complex for the production of automotive components in Kaluga. At the initial stage, the plant will launch the production line of aluminum fuel tanks for trucks, then the production will be expanded in order to manufacture steel petrol and oil tanks, components for cross pieces and frames, truck and car body parts.

Investment in the project made 10 million Euros; SMK production capacities are located on the territory of Kaluga Engine JSC. At this plant SMK commissioned a new automatic robotized welding line.

30.04.2015 / Nokian Tyres introduced the termless extended warranty on some tire models

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Finnish Nokian Tyres introduced an extended warranty on tires for SUVs. The offer is valid within the whole service life of tires. Authorized centers will hold a free repair of tires of Nokian Tyres in case of unintended damage or replace them with new ones.

The termless extended warranty is valid when purchasing new summer tires for SUVs such as Nokian Hakka Black SUV and Nokian Hakka Blue SUV, as well as winter tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV, Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV and Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV.

The extended warranty covers products, purchased in Russia in retail outlets, participating in the program. The tire manufacturer has about 3.6 thousand partners across the country.

29.04.2015 / A number of auto component plants will be created in Belebey

Russian Automotive Market Research

It is planned to create a number of new plants for the production of automotive components in Belebey (single-industry town in the Republic of Bashkortostan). As a result of investment of budget funds new permanent jobs will appear in the town. In addition, projects to be implemented will contribute to solving the state task of import substitution.

The list of investment projects to be implemented in Belebey includes the organization of modern production of special alloys and profiles for the manufacture of fasteners used in the automotive industry, the production of suspension components for AVTOVAZ cars of the new generation.

21.04.2015 / GAZ and ZMZ will help Ford Sollers to increase localization

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAS and ZMZ will produce components for Ford 1.6 Ti-VCT Duratec engines. The launch of production of the engine at the constructed Ford Sollers plant in Yelabuga is scheduled for the end of the current year. The 1.6 Duratec engine will be available with three capacities - 85 HP, 105 HP and 125 HP. Ford models assembled in Russia, in particular Focus and EcoSport, will be equipped with these engines. ZMZ will produce cylinder heads and a subsidiary of ZMZ, the company Rossalit - cylinder blocks. The engine crankshaft will be manufactured at GAZ. The choice of Russian manufacturers of components will enable to increase the engine localization to 60%. Currently the level of localization of the production of Ford cars is 40%.

21.04.2015 / Zavolzhsky Motor Plant opened the new logistic center

Russian Automotive Market Research

In the context of the comprehensive reengineering of the industrial area Zavolzhsky Motor Plant implemented a project to create a new logistics center for components and finished products - engines. Investment into the project amounted to 35 million rubles.

The center was built on the area of the engineering building, where the engine assembly lines and production of key components are located. Its total area is more than 3000 square meters, where 8 stores, previously located on the industrial area of ZMZ, will be concentrated. The stock rotation is reduced to 10 days - that is half as much in comparison with previous schedule.

The center consists of two sections: parts kitting area, from which parts come to engine assembly conveyer and shipping department for finished products – engines according to request of key customers. The opening of this center will make it possible to efficiently manage stock resources, to bring component parts nearer to assembly lines and thereby to optimize transports streams.

20.04.2015 / Export of tires from Pirelli plants in Russia will increase 4-fold

Russian Automotive Market Research

Pirelli predicts that the export of tires from its plants in Voronezh and Kirov to Europe will increase 4-fold and made 2 million units.

Sales of tires in the secondary market account for about 70% of sales of the company and those for new cars - about 30%. Production of cars falls, so products, which are not purchased by automakers, are exported.

Supplies are carried out in a number of European countries, including Scandinavia. In 2014, 7 million tires of the Italian company were sold in Russia and 500 thousand units were exported. The company expects to maintain a full load at its plants in Russia in this year. The manufacturer plans to divide the company into two parts: tires for cars and motorcycles - Pirelli Consumer and tires for trucks, agricultural and mining vehicles - Pirelli Industrial, which will join with Aeolus Tyres in the future.

09.04.2015 / Autocomponent plants in SEZ Togliatti will be opened according to plans

Russian Automotive Market Research

Five new autocomponent plants will be launched in 2015 in SEZ Togliatti. One of them will be opened in the coming months. This is CIE Automotive Rus, which will produce cast aluminum engine parts. The production building has been already fully built on site, equipment has been delivered and mounted. In the second quarter of 2015 this production will be launched in test mode.

Production buildings of EDSHA Togliatti (the company will produce hinges of doors, hood, trunk, door stops, hand brake levers), Hi-Lex Rus (cables for the control system of window raisers) and Atsumitec Toyota Tsusho Rus (selectors of manual and automatic transmissions) have been already built. These residents plan to launch plants in the third quarter. MANN+HUMMEL Togliatti (air filters, intake modules) began construction later, and launch of production is expected towards the end of the year. As for companies, which initially planned the production launch in 2015, only TPV Rus (vehicle seats) changed its plans and temporarily suspended work on its site.

06.04.2015 / Volkswagen will export engines from its plant in Kaluga

Russian Automotive Market Research

Volkswagen plans to launch export of automobile engines to Europe, which will be produced at the new plant in Kaluga since autumn of this year.

In December 2012, Volkswagen Group Rus began to construct the engine plant in Kaluga, which will produce 1.6-liter petrol engines. The new plant occupies the area of 30 thousand square meters in the immediate proximity to Volkswagen automobile plant in Kaluga. The plant capacity will be 150 thousand engines a year, which will enable to equip at least 30% of cars produced by the group in Russia with engines of local production. Power units will be supplied for models Volkswagen and Skoda, which are manufactured at the plant in Kaluga and GAZ Group in Nizhny Novgorod. Investment into the project amounts to about 250 million Euros.

03.04.2015 / The Ministry of Industry and Trade will stimulate import substitution in the field of automotive components

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Ministry of Industry and Trade offers to introduce a number of restrictive measures for foreign goods. In particular, in the framework of the industrial plans on import substitution the introduction of customs duties on import of automotive components, which have analogues in Russia (10-20%), is considered. Currently, automotive companies, which use the industrial assembly regime, import auto components at the rate of 0-5%, the customs rate for auto parts reaches 40%.

It is also offered to increase import tariffs on foreign components for agricultural machinery, in the transport area – on freight rolling stock, and in the field of production of road construction and municipal vehicles - on foreign analogues of components (the range of rates is not defined yet).