25.09.2015 / «Magna Automotive Rus» continues to invest in site in Nizhny Novgorod

Russian Automotive Market Research

«Magna Automotive Rus» will invest another 30 million rubles in reconstruction of shops and modernization of production in Nizhny Novgorod. It plans to reconstruct the production building of the bumper and car door shop, as well as expedition building. In addition, one of warehouses will be converted into the paint shop, and the paint warehouse will be built near it. All work shall be completed during the year.

Under investment agreement «Magna Automotive Rus» receives property tax allowance until the end of 2017. In September 2015 a new production shop was opened. By now the company's investment made 1.5 billion rubles.

21.09.2015 / Continental compensates for the decline in sales in Russia by export supplies

Russian Automotive Market Research

In the coming months Continental Kaluga (part of Continental AG) will begin to export tires produced in Kaluga in several European and Asian countries. Tires will be supplied in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, Poland and Turkey. Tires of three brands produced in Kaluga will be exported: Continental, Gislaved and Matador.

Currently Continental plant in Kaluga supplies tires to Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and France, and winter tires IceContact 2 (Continental), production of which was launched in March 2015, are exported to Scandinavian countries.

According to Continental, the volume of export depends on the development of situation in the domestic market, as at present the company compensates for the decline in sales in the Russian market by export supplies. The company forecasts that there will be decline in sales in Russia until the next year. According to Continental, the tire market will reach the pre-crisis level of sales of 2013 only by 2020.

15.09.2015 / Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment Plant will produce a new type of fuel pumps

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group may receive the low-interest loan of 200 million rubles from the fund of industry development of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Money is needed for the production of fuel pumps for diesel engines with Common Rail system at Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment Plant (YaZD). The total project cost is about 500 million rubles. The money will go to R&D completion and the production launch, which starts in the beginning of 2016.

The low-interest loan for 54 months at a rate of 5% per annum has been already approved; the company will receive the money after signing the contract.

New pumps will be used on Euro-4, Euro-5 and Euro-6 engines. They will be produced for vehicles, harvesters, tractors, rail and marine machinery. It is planned to supply pumps abroad as well. In particular, one of the main potential consumers of new products of GAZ Group is KAMAZ. Currently YaZD produces components of the fuel system for KAMAZ.

14.09.2015 / Nemak plant began its work

Russian Automotive Market Research

A new plant for the production of automotive components using aluminum casting was opened in the Ulyanovsk region. This is a plant of the Mexican company Nemak, which will produce engine blocks and cylinder heads for Volkswagen, BMW and Nissan cars. Investment in the project made 2.2 billion rubles. The company is located in the industrial zone «Zavolzhye» and will employ 300 people. Its capacity can reach about 600 thousand parts a year.

10.09.2015 / KAMAZ developed a new model of cab for long-haul tractors

Russian Automotive Market Research

At the exhibition COMTRANS-2015 KAMAZ presented the model of a new cabin, which will be serially produced in 2020. Presented concept is based on one of cabins of the family, which is currently developed for the future line-up of vehicles. The family of cabins includes different versions, which differ in dimensions and filling. The concept of KAMAZ-2020 is the largest cabin, providing the maximum volume of life space, comfortable environment for the driver both when driving and resting. Cabins will be produced in Naberezhnye Chelny, with a full cycle of welding and painting and a high level of localization of manufacture of stamped parts. Absolutely original interior and exterior parts will be also locally produced. In the future, all technical solutions implemented in this cabin will be adapted for the use in long-haul vehicles.

09.09.2015 / Tutaev Motor Plant may be placed under control of Rostec

Russian Automotive Market Research

By the end of the year Rostec State Corporation and KAMAZ controlled by it can receive a controlling interest of Tutaev Motor Plant (TMZ), buying 18.9% of shares of the Russian Capital Bank. FAS has already given permission for the deal, having noted that in case of transaction implementation Industrial assets JSC controlled by KAMAZ together with Rostec  (State Corporation owns 49.9% of KAMAZ shares) will be able to dispose of 50.65% of TMZ stake. The deal corresponds to KAMAZ long-term business plans and strategy, it will be closed until the end of the year and the amount is not disclosed.

TMZ JSC produces diesel engines of high capacity (300-600 HP), gear boxes, castings of engine parts. The key consumer of castings and gear boxes is Yaroslavl Motor Plant controlled by GAZ Group, engines are delivered to BelAZ, MAZ and Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant.

07.09.2015 / Launch of production of engines for Volkswagen and Skoda

Russian Automotive Market Research

Volkswagen launched serial production of engines at the plant in Kaluga. The new company was built on the area of 30 thousand square meters in immediate proximity to Volkswagen plant in Kaluga.

The company started the assembly of 1.6-liter petrol engine. The unit is available in two versions – capacity of 90 and 110 HP.

The plant capacity will amount to 150 thousand engines per year, which will enable to equip at least 30% of cars, produced by concern in Russia, with engines of local production. Power units will be supplied for Volkswagen and Skoda cars, which are manufactured at the plant in Kaluga and at the facilities of GAZ Group in Nizhny Novgorod. Also Volkswagen Group Rus considers the possibility to export engines produced in Russia to foreign markets.

04.09.2015 / Opening of Ford Sollers plant producing engines

Russian Automotive Market Research

Ford Sollers company opened a plant for the production of engines in Yelabuga, which is located in immediate proximity to the assembly plant. The total investment in the project amounts to 275 million dollars. The planned annual capacity of the plant will initially be 105 thousand engines, with a possible further increase to 200 thousand engines per year.

Petrol engine 1.6 Ti-VCT Sigma with three variants of capacity – 85 HP, 105 HP and 125 HP will be the first product to be assembled by the new Ford Sollers engine plant in Tatarstan, which will enable Ford Sollers to equip not less than 30% of Ford cars produced in Russia with engines. New Sigma engines produced in Russia will be installed in Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta and Ford EcoSport.

02.09.2015 / AVTOVAZ works on import substitution in the field of automotive components

Russian Automotive Market Research

On September 25, AVTOVAZ will launch the production of Lada Vesta, electric power steering for which is produced by the Japanese company NSK. Now the Volga Automobile Plant considers the possibility of import substitution of all components and parts. Taking into account this and many years of joint experience, AVTOVAZ offered the enterprise Autoelectronics in Kaluga to carry out an alternative development of the same mechanism. Now the company Autoelectronics prepares model samples and conducts evaluation tests, and in the middle of next year it will present the new project of Lada Vesta. For the production preparation 500 million rubles will be invested in the company in Kaluga.

Capacity of the Kaluga plant is designed to produce 15 thousand units per month, but the company plans to develop its production to 20-25 thousand units per month with account of the line-up of AVTOVAZ and other Russian automakers. Also variants to enter other markets are considered.

01.09.2015 / Nissan opened a stamping shop at the enterprise in Saint Petersburg

Russian Automotive Market Research

Nissan plant in Saint Petersburg opened a new stamping shop. Initially it will work under one shift mode. At the moment the first detail has been already produced, it is the roof panel for Nissan Qashqai. The enterprise will launch serial production of the model in October 2015. Soon it will begin the production of panels for Nissan X-Trail, as well as all other models, manufactured by the plant.

Launch of a stamping shop enables to reduce many costs, avoid logistical expenses for the transportation of oversized body parts, optimize production, and reduce stock of forging parts, since they can be stamped in full synchronization with the assembly line of cars, which in turn leads to the creation of additional jobs.