29.09.2016 / The company «Martur» mastered the production of seats for the new Renault model

The company «Martur» in the Ulyanovsk region launched a new line of seats for Renault Kaptur. Currently the daily production capacity is 200 seat sets, but with the growth of the production Renault will increase the number of orders for seats.

23.09.2016 / Ford plant in Vsevolozhsk launched the production of components for company’s models

Ford plant in Vsevolozhsk started the welding of components of the engine compartment and rocker panels for Ford Kuga, which is produced at the plant in Elabuga, Tatarstan, as well as subassemblies for Ford Focus produced in Vsevolozhsk.
This project will enable to additionally load the plant capacity in Vsevolozhsk, as well as to fully replace import of these components necessary for the production of Ford Kuga in Elabuga. special welding tooling.

21.09.2016 / The Russian Bridgestone will begin its work soon

Construction of the first Russian plant of the Japanese Bridgestone was completed in the Ulyanovsk region. The company located in Zavolzhye industrial Park will produce radial tires for cars.

20.09.2016 / KAMAZ works on localization of a new cabin

KAMAZ frame and stamping plant develops the production of components according to the program of localization of the new family truck cab. The program included almost 90 parts of the cabin frame, more than 35 components of a system of fasteners required in the assembly at the automobile plant, as well as rear suspension brackets.


15.09.2016 / Ford Sollers increases localization of polymer automotive components

Ford Sollers will continue to work on the localization of materials for the needs of the automotive industry together with enterprises of petrochemical complex of Tatarstan – Nizhnekamskneftekhim and TatkhimPlast.
By the end of 2016 Ford Sollers will approve 11 new polymer compositions developed by local suppliers, which will be used in the production of 17 plastic parts for Ford cars.

15.09.2016 / «Avtosvet» develops production and its range

The company «Avtosvet» of DAAZ industrial park (the Ulyanovsk region) launched a new line for the production of reflectors for headlamp units, which previously were purchased in Europe. Capacity of the new line is 700 thousand sets per year.


09.09.2016 / Ford will increase export of automotive components for European plants

Ford Motor Company plans to increase supplies of automotive components from Russia to Europe three-fold within three years. The number of suppliers will grow from the current 3 to 15-20 and export in monetary terms may increase in ten times.


07.09.2016 / Nissan will export spare parts produced in Russia to European countries

Nissan announced the launch of a project on export of spare parts in Europe. In the first stage the company's plant in Saint Petersburg will export front and rear bumpers for the model X-Trail of its own production (the workshop of plastic products). Such measures will significantly reduce the cost of the part in comparison with its analogue, which was previously supplied from Japan.

06.09.2016 / Mazda will launch the local engine production

Mazda signed a contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Under the agreement, Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus undertakes to create new production capacity of 50 thousand engines per year. Investments into the project will amount to 2 billion rubles.


01.09.2016 / «Bulten Rus» will supply products for AVTOVAZ and Renault-Nissan Alliance

The joint venture of GAZ Group and Bulten, «Bulten Rus», became the official supplier of fasteners for projects of Renault-Nissan Alliance and AVTOVAZ. Thereby the scope of domestic enterprises to participate in the localization of production of cars located in Russia expands.