31.01.2018 / Russian manufacturers account for half of suppliers for «Cortege» cars  

Suppliers of «Cortege» «Unified modular platform» project (UMP) will be 147 companies, 74 of which are Russian manufacturers. So, auto glass for cars of the project will be supplied by AGC Glass Russia (Bor of the Nizhny Novgorod region). The company will also cooperate with JV in the development of the instrument projection and multi-band glass antenna.

25.01.2018 / Volkswagen will use customs regime to increase export

Volkswagen Group Rus signed the agreement with the Federal Customs service of the Russian Federation to support export. Volkswagen Group Rus will make full use of possibilities offered by the updated regime of the «processing on the customs territory».

15.01.2018 / ERA-GLONASS will receive new features

ERA-GLONASS emergency response system will receive a special option «quick start». The new technology, which shall start operating in 2019, will enable to determine the location by weaker navigation signals and reduce the time spent on it.

15.01.2018 / Russia will reduce duties in accordance with EU requirements

Russia may reduce rates of import customs duties on automotive components for one year. In order to keep the industrial assembly regime upon accession to the WTO Russia agreed to sustain the level of export of automotive components from the European Union (EU). In 2011 the authorities of the Russian Federation and the EU signed an agreement, not allowing the reduction in the supply of units and aggregates of motor vehicles as a result of the industrial assembly regime entry into force.

11.01.2018 / The Russian software will give foreign navigators a status of the domestic product

Non-Commercial Partnership «Promoting the development and use of navigation technologies» (NP «GLONASS») initiated the legislative recognition of the foreign navigation equipment with software developed in Russia as domestic products.