30.07.2018 / Launch of production of high-pressure fuel systems in Russia

The Altai precision components plant launched mass production of complete high pressure accumulator fuel systems of the Altay Common Rail System type in Barnaul. The company's products, meeting all international requirements and standards, will go to the factories of Russian manufacturers of Euro-5 and Euro-6 diesel engines.

23.07.2018 / Preferential duties for participants of industrial assembly agreements remain unchanged  

Under the terms of accession to the WTO Russia was to cancel preferential customs duties on automotive components imported for local production from July 1, 2018. However, duties remain unchanged.

02.07.2018 / «Kirov Tire» production complex modernizes production

It is planned to implement the project of Kirov Tire production modernization to increase the output of large tires, namely of 16-17 inches, until 2021.
Now more than half of tires produced by Kirov Tire are exported. The plant also produces products for the Russian divisions of such companies as Volkswagen, Skoda, KIA, Renault and GM-AVTOVAZ.