17.11.2021 / SCANIA improves diesel engines

Scania presented the line-up of 13-liter internal combustion engines - even more economical, with lower CO2 emissions, running on biofuels.
Engines are suitable for various transport tasks. They will make a significant contribution to the development of transportation without the use of fossil fuels ...

15.11.2021 / AVTOTOR introduces a new system for ordering components

AVTOTOR developed an automated information system for ordering and accounting for localized components as part of the digitalization program in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of production processes and life support systems of the production complex...

08.11.2021 / KAMAZ mastered the production of hubs for vehicles of a new model line-up

KAMAZ Engine Plant put into operation a line for the production of a front hub with a nonadjustable bearing. This helped to localize the production of this part for trucks of a new line.
The hub assembly line in the shop for the production of new items was purchased under the "Front Axle" project...