31.10.2014 / 58.5 billion rubles for financing of gas vehicles development are included in the budget

Russian Automotive Market Research

The volume of budget financing of the subprogram «Introduction of CNG vehicles in road transport» for 2015-2020 is provided in the amount of 58.552 billion rubles in prices of the corresponding years. This sum is specified in the draft government resolution «On approval of the state program «Introduction of CNG vehicles divided into separate sub-programs for road, railway, sea, river, air transport and special purpose vehicles».

It is assumed that 8.35 billion rubles will be allocated from the Federal budget for the implementation of the subprogram on transport in 2015, 9.54 billion rubles - in 2016, 10.49 billion rubles - in 2017, 9.12 billion rubles - in 2018, 10.03 billion rubles - in 2019 and 11.03 billion rubles - in 2020. The Ministry of Transport offers to adopt a similar program for special purpose vehicles (agricultural, road and municipal).

31.10.2014 / New Toyota Camry enters the Russian market

Russian Automotive Market Research

Beginning November 1, 2014 Russian dealers Toyota start to accept orders for the new Toyota Camry. Production of the updated model at the Toyota plant in Saint Petersburg will start on November 5 of the current year. The new Toyota Camry will be available in Russia in 9 versions, including the version with the new 2.0-liter engine and six-speed automatic gear box. Prices for the novelty in Russia will vary from 998 thousand to 1 million 519 thousand rubles depending on the version.

30.10.2014 / The program of subsidizing of a part of interest rate was extended

Russian Automotive Market Research

The government extended the program of subsidizing of a part of interest rate (not more than 0.9 of the Central Bank's refinancing rate, which currently amounts to 8.25%) on loans and bonds, raised by Russian automakers for the implementation of investment projects, for 2014.

Previously, the state program covered loans, received in 2009-2013. Its expansion will support Russian manufacturers, who plan to borrow up to 73 billion rubles of credit funds under their investment programs in 2014. In 2014, 5.3 billion rubles will be allocated for subsidies of interest rates from the federal budget, in 2015 - 6.9 billion rubles, in 2016 - 5.2 billion rubles, in 2017 - 4.7 billion rubles.

30.10.2014 / New Opel Corsa will be delivered in Russia from Belarus

Russian Automotive Market Research

The new Opel Corsa for the Russian market will be produced in Belarus in the company UNISON, an agreement with which the concern General Motors signed last year. Hatchbacks will be assembled in SKD mode. The agreement is valid until 2017. Subsequently, companies do not exclude the possibility to launch the assembly of other models Opel.

The new Opel Corsa will enter the Russian market in May-June 2015; its range of engines will include a diesel power unit. Initially the new Corsa will be offered only with 1.4-liter petrol air breather engine capacity of 90 HP and six-speed automatic gear box.

29.10.2014 / Cars Ford Sollers will be exported to Kazakhstan

Russian Automotive Market Research

The joint venture Ford Sollers launches supplies of cars Ford Focus and Ford EcoSport in Kazakhstan. The first batch of 300 cars will be shipped in November.

Kazakhstan will be the first export market for the company. The project will enable Ford Sollers to gain access to the new market and will help the company to more efficiently use production capacity in Russia.

The European Ford Focus will replace the Russian analogue, assembled at the plant Ford Sollers in Vsevolozhsk, EcoSport is a new model for the Kazakhstan market, which will be supplied from the plant Ford Sollers in Naberezhnye Chelny.

28.10.2014 / AVTOVAZ launched sales of Lada 4x4 Urban

Russian Automotive Market Research

The urban version of Lada 4x4 received configuration with air conditioner, electric package and improved sound insulation. There are three different body colors. The price for the car is 402000 rubles.

The engine of this modification will remain unchanged: 1.7-liter petrol unit capacity of 83 HP, which works in combination with five-speed manual gear box. Four-wheel drive and low range transfer case with axle differential lock are the same as before.

Exterior of the version Urban is notable for new plastic bumpers, partially painted in a body color, a different radiator grille, black door handles and curved rear windshield wiper.

28.10.2014 / The cost of governmental service cars will be limited

Russian Automotive Market Research

A number of amendments were introduced into the Federal law «On the contract system in a sphere of procurement of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs». They concern the necessity to set the price limits when holding public tenders for the purchase and rent of office vehicles. So, it is offered to limit the car purchase price to two million rubles and the cost of the annual rent - to the same amount, which includes expenses for parking, maintenance, gasoline and services of the driver.

27.10.2014 / The Ministry of Industry and Trade prepared the list of measures to support automotive industry

Russian Automotive Market Research

Alexander Morozov, Director of the Department of transport and special machinery (the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation) reported about new measures to support the Russian automotive industry, which will be implemented in early 2015, at the V International Forum Autoevolution 2014 in Kaluga.

These measures include the limitation of terms of the commercial operation of wheeled vehicles, replacement of transport tax with the environmental one, establishment of priorities of Russian goods in procurement by state-controlled legal entities, working out of a strategy of the development of the automotive components and bearings production.

24.10.2014 / Sales of Skoda Octavia Scout were launched in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

Russian dealers Skoda began to accept orders for station wagon Skoda Octavia Scout, the Russian premiere of which took place at the Moscow Motor Show. The price for the new car starts from 1 million 247 thousand rubles.

Skoda Octavia Scout is offered with petrol engine 1.8 TSI capacity of 180 HP and six-speed automatic gear box DSG.

The car is notable for powerful front and rear bumpers, as well as plastic protective pads along the body perimeter. In comparison with the classic Octavia the road clearance of Octavia Scout is increased by 16 mm and makes 171 mm.

23.10.2014 / Production of cars in January-September 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, over nine months of 2014, 1.3 million cars rolled off the Russian production lines, that is by 6.2% less than in the previous year. Meanwhile, in September 2014, about 100 thousand cars were produced, which is a 18.1% decrease on the year prescription.

In September 2014 AVTOVAZ launched the mass production of cars Lada Priora with robotized gear box. As for the production of foreign cars, because of the falling demand in the Russian market the plant GM in Saint Petersburg and Volkswagen in Kaluga suspended production of cars in September. Moreover, in late September, GM-AVTOVAZ stopped its conveyor in order to rebalance the assembly line to reduce the conveyor speed