28.11.2014 / Sales of updated Renault Sandero Stepway were launched in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

Russian dealers Renault launch sales of the new Renault Sandero Stepway, the premiere of which took place at the International Motor Show in Moscow. The car is available with two 1.6-liter petrol engines capacity of 82 HP and 102 HP in combination with five-speed manual gear box. The price for the model is from 485 thousand to 559 thousand rubles.

Serial production of the new Sandero Stepway, following the new Logan and Sandero, was organized at AVTOVAZ in Togliatti on the production line B0, established in accordance with international standards of the Alliance Renault-Nissan.

New Renault Sandero Stepway has the road clearance of 195 mm, which is a 20 mm increase on the previous version. The updated design of the car in a SUV style is notable for new contours of the body, massive bumpers, decorative chrome cover plates and additional elements of the exterior design.

27.11.2014 / Lifan received approval from the Ministry of Economic Development to construct a plant

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Expert Council of the Ministry of Economic Development approved a request from the Chinese automaker Lifan on the establishment of an assembly plant in the Lipetsk region on the territory of SEZ «Lipetsk». By January 2015, the company plans to complete design work, launch of the production is scheduled for summer of 2017.

Lifan plans to launch the production of cars in a test mode and bring the equipment at the capacity design level in April 2017, commissioning of a plant is scheduled for July-August 2017. The payback period is 7 years.

Lifan plans to produce a wide line-up of models: sedans of models 650, 730, 820 and SUVs of models X40, X50, X55, X60 (of the second generation), X70, X80. The initial design capacity of the plant will be 60 thousand cars per year. The company invests up to 300 million dollars in the construction of a production site in Russia, the volume of investments will be increased as the first stage of the enterprise expands and the engine plant is launched. It is also planned to export a part of cars Lifan produced in the Lipetsk region.

26.11.2014 / AVTOVAZ executed an order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Russian Automotive Market Research

The State Commission of the Ministry of Industry and Trade accepted the work on the state contract with AVTOVAZ value of 499 million rubles. The tender for the performance of research and development works on the creation of a car of class B with combined power plant was announced in 2012.

Under the contract AVTOVAZ developed cars with combined power plants, equipped with automated manual gear box. AVTOVAZ produced three versions of the hybrid car on the basis of a sedan Lada Granta. In addition to the electric engine, the first version is equipped with 1.6-liter 16-valve engine running on gasoline and methane. The second version has 1.4-liter 16-valve engine. The third one - 1.4-liter turbocharged engine.

All three versions are available for a sedan Lada Granta, but can be used for other Lada models. On one electric traction hybrid Lada is able to travel up to 30 km. The company does not plan to launch serial production of hybrid cars.

25.11.2014 / AVTOVAZ prepares for the restyling of Lada Priora

Russian Automotive Market Research

AVTOVAZ developed a program to improve Lada Priora, called «LADA Priora Long Life». AVTOVAZ has already approved documents necessary for the restyling of Priora.

In summer of 2014, AVTOVAZ announced that Lada Priora will be produced until 2018, and in the next 12 months it will receive stylistic changes, improved suspension settings and a number of new options. According to preliminary data, the car will receive the modified brake system and additional noise insulation. Lada Priora with the artificial leather interior and heated steering wheel will be also offered to buyers.

Last time AVTOVAZ carried out the restyling of Lada Priora in September 2013, when the model received new bumpers and radiator grille, as well as new interior.

24.11.2014 / New Nissan Juke is available at the price from 685 thousand rubles

Russian Automotive Market Research

Russian dealers Nissan launched sales of new Juke, which is available in eight versions. The price for a base version Base with 1.6-liter engine capacity of 94 HP is 685 thousand rubles.

As previously, Juke is offered in versions with front and all-wheel drive Nissan ALL-MODE 4x4i. All-wheel drive modification is available with the power unit DIG-T 190 and gear box Xtronic and is equipped with a torque vectoring system (TVS) to prevent understeer and improve traction. For the new Nissan Juke three different petrol engines are available: 1.6-liter engine capacity of 94 HP or 117 HP and 1.6 DIG-T capacity of 190 HP.

21.11.2014 / Production of cars in January-October 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, over ten months of 2014, 1.4 million cars rolled off the Russian production lines, that is by 8.2% less than in the previous year. Meanwhile, in October 2014, about 100 thousand cars were produced, which is a 23.9% decrease on the year prescription.

In October 2014 AVTOVAZ suspended its production of cars in connection with the inventory and at the end of the month Kalina/Granta line stood idle for few days because of the lack of spare parts. In October 2014 GM-AVTOVAZ had to stop its production for a week because of the shortage of components for Chevrolet Niva. In connection with the falling demand in the Russian market the plant General Motors in Saint Petersburg and Volkswagen in Kaluga suspended their production of cars in October 2014. The company GM switched over to the one-shift operation since October 6, 2014.

20.11.2014 / New Renault Sandero Stepway will be available at the price from 485 thousand rubles

Russian Automotive Market Research

On November 27, 2014 sales of the all terrain version of a hatchback Renault Sandero will be launched in Russia. The car called Stepway has a protective plastic body weather-cloth and increased road clearance. Prices for the novelty will start from 485000 rubles.

The engine range of the car includes 1.6-liter engine capacity of 82 HP and 16-valve unit of the same displacement, which develops 102 HP. All engines work in combination only with five-speed manual gear box. The production of Sandero Stepway was launched at the plant AVTOVAZ in Togliatti.

19.11.2014 / Sales of new UAZ Patriot were launched

Russian Automotive Market Research

Sales of the updated SUV UAZ Patriot were launched in Russia. Prices for new cars start from 649000 rubles. The car is available with two different engines: the base engine is 2.7-liter petrol unit. The second version is equipped with 2.3-liter diesel engine, the cost of this car starts from 719990 rubles.

19.11.2014 / SEAT stops sales in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

Beginning January 1, 2015 Spanish brand SEAT, a part of Volkswagen, will stop sales in Russia. Volkswagen Group Rus explains it by the reduction of segments, which presents this brand (budget small cars), the overall economic situation and currency fluctuations. SEAT assures that will fulfill its obligations to dealers, employees and customers; there will be no problems with service.

SEAT presented three models in the Russian market - SEAT Ibiza, Leon (both cost from 600-650 thousand rubles) and the minivan Alhambra (1.5 million rubles). In 2013 SEAT sales grew against the background of the falling market (they increased by 35% to 3.4 thousand cars), but in January-October 2014 they fell by 57% and made 1.3 thousand cars.

19.11.2014 / Renault raised prices for some models

Russian Automotive Market Research

The company Renault raised prices for its models in Russia. The price for all versions of a sedan Renault Logan of the new generation increased by 10 thousand rubles, for all versions of a hatchback Renault Sandero – by 11 thousand rubles. Now Renault Logan costs from 365 to 525 thousand rubles, Sandero - from 391 thousand to 519 thousand rubles.

Also Renault changed prices for Renault Duster. Except for a base version, prices for all configurations of Renault Duster increased by 13 thousand rubles. The cost of the most affordable crossover version grew by 2 thousand rubles. Now the price for Duster starts from 494 thousand to 817 thousand rubles.