25.12.2014 / PSA Peugeot Citroen will replace import from Europe for that from countries of the Customs Union

Russian Automotive Market Research

Several models of the automaker PSA Peugeot Citroen will be supplied not from Europe, but Kazakhstan and Belarus later. The matter concerns the plant Agromashholding in Kostanay, which assembles models Peugeot 301, 408, 508 and 3008 (next year it will begin to assemble the hatchback 308 of the new generation), as well as the plant Unison near Minsk. With the latter PSA signed the relevant agreement in autumn, and in the near future the company will organize the production of models Peugeot 301, 508, 3008 and Partner, as well as Citroen C-Elysee and Berlingo. Initially it was assumed that all models produced at the plant Unison will be designed for the local market; however, there are no obstacles to organize their supplies to Russia.

The transfer of production of cars for the Russian market will reduce customs and transport costs. The next step to reduce costs will be the increase of the production localization level. The level of automotive components localization at the Belarusian enterprise can reach 15-18%, and it is sufficient for the company in Kazakhstan to bring the localization to 5-7% to make supplies to Russia economically viable.

24.12.2014 / The number of state orders for cars significantly decreased in 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to the Association of Electronic Trading Platforms, over eleven months of 2014 the number of state orders for the supply of cars in Russia decreased by 28% in comparison with the similar period of the last year. In January-November of the current year state customers announced 9728 tenders against 13578 tenders over the similar period of 2013.

In 2014 the amount of funds allocated by state agencies and departments for the purchase of cars made 29 billion rubles, which is a 9% decrease on 2013.

The most noticeable decline in the state demand for cars was at the beginning of the year and in October-November the number of orders sharply increased. This increase may be due both to the traditional growth of the public demand at the end of the year and the rising prices for cars beginning January 2015 because of the ruble devaluation.

23.12.2014 / The Federal Security Service will purchase about 350 SUVs

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Federal Security Service of Russia announced a tender on the purchase of SUVs for state needs in 2015. The maximum value of the contract is 270 million rubles.

It is planned to purchase a total of 344 vehicles, which must be equipped, in particular, with winch, starting pre-heater, petrol or diesel engine.

Cars must be supplied by December 1, 2015 in Moscow and the Moscow region, Voronezh, the Krasnodar territory, Stavropol, Chelyabinsk, Petrozavodsk, Saint Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Chita and Vladivostok.

23.12.2014 / Suzuki stops sales of a model Splash in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

Suzuki Splash leaves the Russian market. The car appeared in Suzuki line-up in 2009. In 2013 it was decided to replace it with the more up-to-date model Celerio. However, because of the slowdown in the growth of a segment A the car Suzuki Celerio will not be available in Russia so far.

Compact van Suzuki Splash is sold in Russia with 1.2-liter petrol engine capacity of 94 HP. The model is available in two versions at the price of 599000 and 654000 rubles.

22.12.2014 / Chevrolet launched sales of used cars under the program Chevrolet Approved

Russian Automotive Market Research

Chevrolet launched the program for the purchase of used cars Chevrolet Approved, which should support the brand's sales in the Russian market.

Every car covered by the program Chevrolet Approved will undergo tests and pre-sales preparation. Used cars within the program from the American automaker will receive an additional warranty.

Cars offered under the program Approved will be not older than 5 years and with mileage of not more than 120000 km. They have a clear history of ownership and operation, cars will also undergo diagnostics on 80 items and all possible defects will be eliminated. Additional warranty will be 1 year or 30000 km. Moreover, cars under the program Chevrolet Approved can be purchased on credit and insured. About 60 dealers in more than 30 Russian cities will take part in the program.

19.12.2014 / Plants producing foreign cars stop their operation

Russian Automotive Market Research

The production of cars was suspended at such Russian plants as Ford, PSMA Rus (PSA Peugeot Citroen/Mitsubishi), Volkswagen and Renault in the capital. After New Year holidays the Kaliningrad Avtotor and the plant GM in Saint Petersburg will suspend the production.

The plant Volkswagen in Kaluga will suspend its production for the third time this year. The company will stop operation from December 22 to January 11.

The plant PSMA Rus in Kaluga stopped its assembly line in Wednesday and the company Ford in Vsevolozhsk also partially suspended its work: beginning the current week the welding shop and a part of painting shop do not work. Next week the assembly shop will work only for two days.

18.12.2014 / Hyundai will keep the production of cars in Russia unchanged

Russian Automotive Market Research

In 2015 the company Hyundai Motor in Saint Petersburg will keep the production volumes at the level of 2014 despite the ruble fall. The plant plans to assemble 43 cars per hour or about 230000 units per the entire year.

Currently the localization of production is 46% and the quantity of automotive components for the car assembly is sufficient. The plant has no plans to revise the pricing policy. Currently there is an influx of customers to dealer centers because of the ruble fall. Korean companies can quickly respond to changes in demand due to the local production of several models.

18.12.2014 / Haima plans to localize its production

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Chinese group Haima plans to launch the production of cars in Russia. At the moment the company considers several variants for the enterprise placement. The plant will be opened in the Kaluga, Ulyanovsk or Orel region. The Chinese group plans to invest about 100 million dollars in the company. The capacity of such plant can be up to 50 thousand cars per year.

Also the company Haima plans to launch sales of a new car of the SUV class, Haima S5, in the Russian market. The car will be available in dealer centers in the first half of 2015.

17.12.2014 / Brilliance will launch sales of a new model in Russia in spring 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

In 2015 the company Brilliance Auto intends to increase sales in Russia by expanding its dealer network to 55 centers. Currently 30 dealers sell cars Brilliance in Russia.

Currently, Brilliance is presented by two models in the Russian market. In March 2014 the company launched sales of the front-wheel-drive crossover Brilliance V5 in Russia and in late August new sedan H530 became available. Both models are equipped with 1.6-liter engine capacity of 110 HP in combination with manual or automatic gear box. Following the results of the first 11 months of 2014, 650 cars were sold in the Russian market.

In spring 2015, the company Brilliance Auto plans to launch sales of a new model - Brilliance H230 in bodies sedan and hatchback. The new car will be offered with 1.5-liter petrol engine capacity of 105 HP.

17.12.2014 / Volkswagen opened dealer center in Abakan

Russian Automotive Market Research

Volkswagen opened the official dealer center Medved Abakan in the capital of the Republic of Khakassia. A new center with a total area of more than 2250 square meters is designed in accordance with corporate standards of the brand Volkswagen. The showroom area of almost 680 square meters presents the entire model line-up of cars Volkswagen. Also dealer enterprise has a service center area of more than 1100 square meters (10 working posts, 2 washings and 2 posts of interactive car acceptance) and double-lever warehouse of spare parts with a total area of 280 square meters. The capacity of a service center is 1200 cars per month.