30.10.2015 / AVTOVAZ imposed high requirements to dealers, which will sell LADA Vesta

Russian Automotive Market Research

Sales of LADA Vesta in Russia will be launched stage-by-stage. At the initial stage, which will start on November 25, Vesta will be sold in 23 Russian cities. At first, AVTOVAZ novelty will be sold by 58 dealers selected based on the following factors: the best management, focused on the retail auto business; the best trading points (location, show room); skills in sales and after-sales maintenance; processes and controls at a high level; financial discipline and reliability.

At the second stage, which will begin in December 2015, a list of cities will be expanded to 65, that of dealers - to 120. In addition, sales of LADA Vesta will be launched in Kazakhstan and Belarus in December. In March 2016 the car will be sold throughout Russia.

30.10.2015 / Peugeot Russia presented updated offer on service contracts for individuals and legal entities

Russian Automotive Market Research

Peugeot optimized the tariff scale for existing service contracts in accordance with intervals of periodic maintenance and eliminated contracts with the least required intervals and mileages. At the moment all owners of Peugeot cars can conclude one of two service contracts: Peugeot Service Plus and Peugeot Service Maximum for a period from 1 to 5 years or the mileage from 20 000 to 120 000 kilometers.

Peugeot Service Plus contract can be purchased within 24 months after buying a new Peugeot car in the official dealer center of the brand. It includes all services of the basic warranty (main nodes, including engine and transmission, electrical systems and electronics of the car, as well as suspension according to the Table of natural wear parts) and the warranty of repair of malfunctions caused by defects of spare parts (from 12 to 36 months), as well as the road assistance.

29.10.2015 / Ford Sollers launched the production of updated Explorer

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Russian Ford plant in Yelabuga launched the production of updated Explorer SUV. The car will be available for the purchase in four versions: XLT, Limited, Limited Plus and Sport. Prices for the model start from 2 799 thousand rubles. The top version costs 3 399 thousand rubles. With discounts and special offers the car will cost at least 2 599 thousand rubles.

The model is equipped with 3.5-liter petrol engine V6 capacity of 249 HP. 3.5-liter engine EcoBoost capacity of 345 HP is also available. Both engines are paired with 6-speed automatic gear box.

29.10.2015 / Audi prepared special offers for clients

Russian Automotive Market Research

Volkswagen Bank Rus extends a special lending offer for the purchase of new cars. Depending on the car model, loan term and initial payment the rate can start from 5.9% per annum. This offer covers Audi A3, A4, A5, A6, Q3 and Q5, including their sports versions S and RS.

The loan on special terms can be also obtained under simplified scheme with the provision of two documents: passport and the driver's license. In this case the minimum rate will start from 12%.

Another Audi special offer is also available – «The hull insurance cost as a gift». The seller can compensate for the cost of hull insurance policy of insurance companies Alfa insurance, Ingosstrakh and Renaissance for 1 year, if it is purchased when buying a new Audi of A1, A3, A4, A5, Q3 and Q5 models. Compensation is carried out by providing discounts of the car value to the driver at the age from 25 years and with the driving experience of more than two years.

28.10.2015 / «Business offer» from Audi and «VEB-leasing»

Russian Automotive Market Research

«VEB-leasing» JSC and Audi Russia launched a new program «Business offer». This is the second large-scale joint program of VEB-leasing and Audi Russia in 2015. The first project, «Perfect compatibility», which started in July, provided for the opportunity to lease cars of Q5 series with a zero rise in price.

The program «Business offer» is designed for the purchase of A6 and A8 executive-class cars. Savings when buying Audi A6 under the new program can reach more than 400 thousand rubles, and Audi A8 - more than 1 million rubles. In addition, every customer of VEB-leasing, who will participate in the program, receives a fuel card as a gift for the purchase of gasoline with a 7% discount across the country.

The action will last until the end of December 2015.

28.10.2015 / Haval will present three new models in 2016-2017

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Chinese brand Haval will launch several new products to the Russian market in the coming 1.5 years. The most compact and most affordable crossover H1 will be available in dealer centers in the end of 2016 – the beginning of 2017. Also by the end of 2016 dealers will be able to offer a full-size SUV H7, and the launch of sales of H6 Coupe is scheduled for April 2016.

Sales of Haval cars in Russia were launched in June with H9 SUV (the cost of the only version is 2 million 149 thousand 900 rubles). Sales of H8 crossover started in October, its price starts from 2 million 049 thousand 900 rubles. Currently Haval has five dealer centers in Russia: four in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and one in Saratov.

27.10.2015 / AVTOVAZ expects to export Lada Vesta

Russian Automotive Market Research

AVTOVAZ plans to launch export supplies of Lada Vesta in various countries around the world. The car will be sold in Syria, Lebanon, Hungary and Egypt. Importers have been already selected in these countries. Currently the company looks for partners in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, as well as in Europe. According to AVTOVAZ, Lada Vesta was exhibited on streets of Frankfurt, Barcelona and Rome and received favorable reviews.

Until the end of 2015 about 5 thousand Vesta cars will be produced. In November the company plans to present a version of a sedan running on the compressed gas. If the car is popular, the annual production can be up to 100 thousand units.

In the coming months Vesta will be produced only with Russian 1.6-liter 16-valve engines capacity of 106 HP. The power unit will be paired with manual or robotized gear box.

27.10.2015 / The average cost of MTPL police reached 6 thousand rubles

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RAMI), the average MTPL payment for 9 months reached 46.1 thousand rubles. Following the results of September the average MTPL payment approached the amount of motor hull insurance indemnity and made almost 57 thousand rubles (in September 2014 it was 36.3 thousand rubles). The average cost of the policy in September 2015 amounted to 6 thousand rubles.

From January 1 to September 30, 2015 insurers collected 155.885 billion rubles of MTPL insurance premiums, which is a 48% increase on the similar period of 2014, when the amount of collected premiums was 105.479 billion rubles. Payments on insurance cases for the first 9 months increased by 36% and totaled 86.241 billion rubles (according to the results of the similar period of 2014 – 63.291 billion rubles).

26.10.2015 / KIA increased its dealer network by two centers

Russian Automotive Market Research

KIA Motors Rus opened two new dealer centers in Saransk (Republic of Mordovia) and Orekhovo-Zuyevo (the Moscow region). KIA partner in Saransk became the company Saranskmotors. The total area of a new KIA dealer center in Saransk is 2107 square meters, of which 780 square meters are occupied by the showroom and 460 square meters – a service zone. Service zone has 7 posts of mechanical repair. The warehouse of spare parts and accessories has an area of 185 square meters.

The total area of a new KIA dealer center in Orekhovo-Zuyevo (the owner is Company-T) is 1656 square meters, of which 675 square meters are occupied by the showroom and 590 square meters – a service zone. Service zone has 8 posts of mechanical repair and 4 posts of body repair. The warehouses have an area of 216 square meters.

23.10.2015 / The price for Ravon Nexia will start from 379 thousand rubles

Russian Automotive Market Research

The new car brand Ravon, which will sell Uz-Daewoo cars in the Russian market, announced prices for the model Nexia – its cost will start from 379 000 rubles. The top version of a sedan will cost 529 000 rubles.

The novelty is a modified version of Chevrolet Aveo of the previous generation. Under the hood the car has 1.5-liter petrol engine capacity of 107.4 HP.

Another two models, which will be produced under the brand Ravon, are R2, the former Chevrolet Spark, and R4, which was formerly known as Chevrolet Cobalt sedan. In the future all new cars will receive an emergency response system ERA-GLONASS.