27.02.2015 / Scheme of payment of MTPL insurance changed

Russian Automotive Market Research

Victims of road traffic accidents now can receive the insurance payment for compensation of the damage to their health under the simplified and operational scheme.

Now citizens will not have to wait until the end of medical treatment to recover its cost under the contract of MTPL insurance. The insurance payment will be made according to standards on the basis of medical certificates, which specify the nature and extent of health damage, and documents, confirming the fact of an accident.

If more serious nature and extent of health damage, disability are established or the cost of medical treatment exceeds the amount of the previously made insurance payment, the victim may count on additional payments. Beginning April 1, 2015 the amount of compensation will be 500 thousand rubles.

27.02.2015 / AVTOVAZ needs state support

Russian Automotive Market Research

AVTOVAZ asks the government for the help in three areas. Firstly, continuation of the utilization program because it has proven to be very effective for the company: in 2014 AVTOVAZ made 2.9 billion rubles, having sold 53 thousand cars under the utilization program.

Secondly, AVTOVAZ asks for subsidies to support export. Last year the company sold 51 thousand cars abroad, for the time being it has already received orders for 70 thousand cars.

The third measure of support, for which AVTOVAZ asks, is to help with the sharp rise in prices for steel. A number of steel producers increased prices for their products for domestic consumers.

27.02.2015 / Lexus opened a dealer center in Ryazan

Russian Automotive Market Research

The company Toyota Motor opened a new dealer center Lexus in Ryazan, which is located near the existing Toyota Center Ryazan. Lexus-Ryazan is the 45th authorized partner-dealer Lexus in Russia and 15th in the Central federal district.

The total area of a center is 775 square meters with a showroom of 448 square meters. The area of a service zone (active acceptance + washing) reaches 117.68 square meters. Service zone of Lexus-Ryazan consists of two posts of mechanical repair and 15 posts of body repair, located on the territory of Toyota Center Ryazan. 2 painting cameras in Toyota Center Ryazan are at disposal of masters.

26.02.2015 / New Ford Mondeo is available at the price from 1 149 thousand rubles

Russian Automotive Market Research

Acceptance of orders for Ford Mondeo of the new generation began in Russia. The car will be assembled at the plant Ford Sollers in Vsevolozhsk. The main innovation was the introduction of vibration unit IP Shaker, which reduces squeaks and noise in produced cars.

The car is available in four versions: Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium Plus. Prices for the new car start from 1 million 149 thousand rubles. The top version of the novelty will cost 1 million 799 thousand rubles.

Basic version of a sedan is equipped with 2.5-liter petrol engine capacity of 149 HP. The engine works in combination with 6-speed automatic gear box. The car received anti-lock braking system ABS.

25.02.2015 / Assembly of Cadillac Escalade was launched in Saint Petersburg

Russian Automotive Market Research

The company Cadillac launched the assembly of its new flagman SUV Escalade at the plant General Motors in Saint Petersburg. Sales of the model in Russia will start in March 2015. Two versions will be available: with standard and extended wheelbase (ESV).

Cadillac Escalade was officially presented at the motor show in Moscow, which took place in September 2014. Under the hood the car has updated 6.2-liter petrol engine V8. Capacity of the engine is 420 HP and a torque - 623 Nm. The car will be offered with four-wheel drive and suspension rate control system Magnetic Ride Control.

24.02.2015 / Renault offers special lending terms for the purchase of Duster

Russian Automotive Market Research

The company Renault launches a new lending offer for the purchase of its SUV Renault Duster on favorable terms: the interest rate is from 9.9% for the period up to 3 years. The action will last until March 31, 2015.

The loan is granted for a period of 36 months with the initial payment of 40% of the car value only with two documents - passport and the driver's license. The monthly loan payment will include the option «Protection of payments», special «Reasonable hull insurance» for the entire loan period, and each client will receive the fourth year of «Extended warranty Renault Extra» on the car as a gift.

20.02.2015 / Dongfeng will launch two more models to the Russian market

Russian Automotive Market Research

In 2015 the Chinese automaker Dongfeng Motor plans to launch sales of two new models in Russia - crossover AX7 and sedan A30. Currently in the Russian market there are sedan of C-class S30 and hatchback with increased road clearance H30 Cross. The company does not exclude the organization of local production of cars Dongfeng in Russia.

Currently in Russia there are 24 dealer centers Dongfeng Motor, and until the end of the year it is planned to increase this number to 45. At the same time the company will expand the network of regional warehouses of spare parts.

19.02.2015 / 2015 Derways tries to join the mode of industrial assembly

Russian Automotive Market Research

he company Derways in Cherkessk, which produces cars of Chinese brands, plans to organize the industrial assembly of cars in Moscow in cooperation with the group Chimex, which has a «sleeping» agreement on industrial assembly (the group is a part of AMO ZIL in the capital). At the moment Derways carries on negotiations with authorities of the capital. If the parties come to an agreement, the company in Cherkessk will be able to include Chinese brands in the utilization program.

Moreover, the production of cars in the mode of industrial assembly will entitle the company to the preferential import of automotive components and vehicle kits at a reduced duty rate from 0% to 5%. If the government does not meet Derways, the plant in Cherkessk will reduce its staff. Currently the company produces cars of brands Brilliance, Hawtai, JAC, Lifan, Chery and Geely.

18.02.2015 / Production of cars in January 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, in January 2015 85.1 million cars rolled off the Russian production lines that is by 25.7% less than in the previous year.

Last month AVTOVAZ produced about 20 thousand cars (-20%). In addition, the Izhevsk automobile plant produced about 3.5 thousand cars (increase in 4.2 times), including 2.9 thousand cars Lada Granta and more than 500 sedans Nissan Sentra.

As for production of foreign cars, in January 2015 AVTOVAZ launched the production of the second model Datsun - hatchback mi-Do.

18.02.2015 / Toyota opened new dealer center in Syktyvkar

Russian Automotive Market Research

The new official dealer center is located in a building with a total area of 3490 sq. m. Toyota Center Syktyvkar, which belongs to the company Agat-Komi, includes the showroom (818 sq. m), recreation zone for customers, service zone (1319 sq. m.), a warehouse of spare parts and accessories. Open parking for customers of the dealer center is intended for 44 cars. The service zone has 10 posts of mechanical repair and 9 posts of body repair. Toyota Center Syktyvkar also has 1 painting camera and 2 wash posts.

Currently there are 106 dealer centers Toyota in 69 Russian cities: 100 authorized dealers and 6 authorized partners.