31.10.2016 / Jaguar Land Rover opened a new center in Yekaterinburg

Jaguar Land Rover Russia opened the new dealership Jaguar Land Rover «Lucky Motors» in Yekaterinburg. The total area of a new dealership is 3 thousand square meters. This center has two showrooms, which are located on the first and second floors and occupy 840 square meters and 515 square meters, respectively ..

31.10.2016 / MTPL average payment exceeded 72 thousand rubles in September 2016

According to the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI), MTPL average payment in September 2016 grew by 32% and made 76.121 thousand rubles in comparison with the similar period of the last year. The average premium increased by 2% and amounted to 6.141 thousand rubles.

31.10.2016 / Lada Vesta received the new engine

AVTOVAZ launched sales of Vesta sedan with 1.8-liter petrol engine capacity of 122 HP.
The car with automated manual gear box (AMT) was first to go on sale; the cost of this LADA Vesta in a version Comfort starts from 632 thousand rubles.

28.10.2016 / UAZ increased the warranty on car body parts

UAZ extends the warranty on the updated UAZ Patriot SUVs and provides buyers with a guarantee against rust-through corrosion of the body parts for a period of 6 years or 130 thousand km – whichever is earlier. Extended warranty is valid in case of regular inspections of the body in UAZ official dealer centers in accordance with provisions of the service book.

27.10.2016 / Kia develops several novelties for the Russian market

In 2017 Kia plans to launch sales of 5-6 new and updated models in Russia. Kia first premiere in the Russian Federation next year will be the restyled Soul crossover. In addition, Soul sports version with GT prefix will enter the Russian market next year. The car will be equipped with petrol turbo charged engine 1.6 T-GDI capacity of 204 HP.

27.10.2016 / The second car sharing operator began its work in Moscow

A new car sharing operator BelkaCar appeared in Moscow. To launch the project funds of the Swiss fund were attracted, this was the first investment in Russia for it. The car sharing operator uses dark blue Kia Rio hatchbacks with automatic gear box, their number was 350 at the launch time. By the end of the year it is planned to increase this number in the park to 350, and in 2017 — to 1000

27.10.2016 / Automakers with high production localization will receive state support

At the request of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2017 the government support will be concentrated on highly localized automakers in Russia. Currency devaluation temporarily increased the competitiveness of the Russian production, but its insufficient localization (40-70% depending on the segment and OEM) and the small scale reduce the devaluation effect. Therefore, state's efforts will be focused on localization of production of cars and components and stimulation of demand.

27.10.2016 / AVTOVAZ increased prices for LADA cars

At the beginning of January 2017 AVTOVAZ increased the recommended retail prices for its cars: the cost of LADA basic versions grew by 2-3%. So, the initial price for the most saleable brand model, Granta sedan, increased by 1.6% to 389900 rubles. The cost of another sedan, LADA Vesta, the second most popular LADA model, now starts from 545900 rubles: the growth amounted to 3.2%.

26.10.2016 / KIA opened a new center in Saratov

KIA Motors Rus opened a new dealership KIA Elvis in Saratov. Dealer center total area of 2619 square meters is arranged in accordance with KIA Red cube standards. The showroom occupies 704.4 square meters, service zone – 904.5 square meters and a warehouse of spare parts and accessories – 155 square meters.

25.10.2016 / Haval opened a center in Krasnodar

Haval Motor Rus opened the first dealership in Krasnodar Haval «DM-Avto», which is located along M4 «Don» federal highway. The new center offers a range of services on sale, warranty and post-warranty maintenance, diagnostics and repair of cars. On the first floor of the building there is a showroom with the area of 343 square meters and a separate service zone of 380 square meters.