29.02.2016 / Ford experiments with cars running on gas fuel

Russian Automotive Market Research

Ford Sollers presented a special version of Focus car under the name LPG. The new car is equipped with LPG devices, which enable to use liquefied propane-butane mixture as fuel. The first experimental-industrial batch of cars in two body versions, sedan and hatchback, was produced at Ford Sollers plant in Vsevolozhsk.

The main objective of the project was to study the consumer demand, as well as possibilities to upgrade the local production for the manufacture of cars of this type. Focus LPG is equipped with LPG systems and a specially developed version of 1.6-liter Sigma engine capacity of 117 HP for the operation on gas fuel. Gas cylinder volume is 40 liters for the model in a body station wagon and 37.6 liters for hatchback. The gas cylinder is located in the spare wheel well but the volume of the luggage compartment is not reduced.

29.02.2016 / Hyundai prepares for the production of a new model

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Russian plant of Hyundai Motor restarted its production lines after the large-scale modernization in order to prepare for the launch of new car models (in particular, a new Creta crossover). Investment into the project on the development of a plant is 100 million dollars.

Modernization was carried out in all shops of the plant Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus. Thus, the test press to test dies required for the production of new panels of cars was installed in the stamping shop. More than 50 robots and several rolling presses were installed in the welding shop in addition to 120 existing robots. 2 more robots were installed in the paint shop at the sealant applying station. The whole section of the assembly line was re-equipped in the assembly shop: now front and rear suspensions can be simultaneously installed in the car.

26.02.2016 / Special investment contracts come in the stead of agreements on industrial assembly

Russian Automotive Market Research

In the next 3-5 months about 10 special investment contracts of the federal level on projects with the investment of 250 billion rubles will be signed. The first meeting of the interdepartmental commission, which will approve special investment contracts, can be held in March.

Under terms of investment contracts the investor shall invest not less than 750 million rubles in the production in Russia. In return, the state guarantees the immutability of the investment climate of the project for the entire term of the contract (10 years) and will provide preferences. For example, it will purchase up to 30% of manufactured products. Under contract terms the investor chooses the desired benefits and officials decide which of them they can provide.

26.02.2016 / AVTOVAZ will export LADA cars to the Middle East

Russian Automotive Market Research

AVTOVAZ intends to return to markets of several countries of the Middle East - Syria, Lebanon and Israel. So, the company Rakha Trading, importer of Nissan cars, will import LADA cars in Syria.

First deliveries of LADA cars from Russia are expected in the beginning of March 2016. The first cars will be Granta, 4x4 and Largus; then the company will gradually launch the import of other models such as Kalina, Vesta and XRAY.

In Lebanon sales of Lada cars will be carried out by the company Rymco (importer of Infiniti, Nissan and General Motors), which has been cooperating with AVTOVAZ since the end of January 2016. The company has already launched sales of LADA 4x4 and LADA 4x4 Urban.

25.02.2016 / Zotye T600 will be available in Russia at the price from 850 thousand rubles

Russian Automotive Market Research

On March 1 the Chinese company Zotye will launch sales of T600 crossover in the Russian market. The novelty will be available in two versions – Luxury and Royal at the price of 849990 and 899990 rubles, respectively.

Similar to Volkswagen Touareg in exterior, the front-wheel drive Zotye T600 is equipped with 1.5-liter turbocharged engine capacity of 160 HP. As the transmission only manual gear box will be offered. Currently Zotye has 22 dealers in Russia. In addition to T600 crossover, the company plans to bring Z300 sedan to the Russian market. The production of Zotye models for Russia is organized at the Belarusian plant Unison.

24.02.2016 / BMW announced increase in prices in the Russian market

Russian Automotive Market Research

BMW decided to raise prices for its model line-up in Russia. On February 20 the cost of cars of the German brand will increase by 5.1% on average.

Customers, who will buy 1-Series hatchback, will have to pay at least 1 490 000 rubles. BMW 2-Series Coupe will cost 1 915 000 rubles and the price for a base version of 3-Series sedan is 1 790 000 rubles now. The price for the new 7-Series grew to 5 490 000 rubles.

The cost of BMW X1 and X3 crossovers is 1 800 000 and 2 620 000 rubles respectively, and the price for X6 is 4 200 000 rubles. The cost of BMW Z4 Roadster increased to 2 600 000 rubles.

19.02.2016 / UAZ commercial vehicles received new options

Russian Automotive Market Research

Ulyanovsk automobile plant launched the production of classic commercial vehicles of 2016 model year with new options. Now vehicles are equipped with new seats, which are adjusted lengthwise. In addition, vehicles received another option – these are heated front seats. Some versions of commercial line-up have an additional heater of compartment with a separate ventilator for rear-seat passengers.

High sided versions of UAZ commercial line-up are equipped with a new steering column multifunction switch. UAZ commercial vehicles also received improved sound insulation of the engine and vibroinsulation. Due to strengthening of the frame and body brackets construction rigidity improved.

In the Russian market the classic UAZ commercial line-up is presented by the following range of versions: High sided vehicle, Farmer, Combi, Bus, Glass van, as well as vehicles with superstructures and special-purpose vehicles.

18.02.2016 / «Metcombank» became Subaru partner

Russian Automotive Market Research

«Metcombank» launched a special auto loan for the purchase of new Subaru cars and became the official partner of the brand in Russia. The interest rate on the loan starts from 16.2% per annum, size of the initial payment - from 15% and the maximum loan term is 6 years. The offer covers the entire Subaru model line-up.

In addition, «Metcombank» prepared a special offer – the auto loan with the option CASCO 2.0 valid in case of the purchase of new Subaru cars and the hull insurance policy with a fixed rate of 2%.

The offered hull insurance policy covers all risks during its term: car theft, total loss and damage (regenerative repair after the road accident) with no restrictions in the number of insurance cases and regardless of the guilty party. The offer is valid for the purchase of new Subaru cars of the following models: Outback, Forester and XV. The age of the borrower must be at least 27 years and his driving experience - more than 5 years. Insurance terms require the presence of a franchise of 30 thousand rubles.

17.02.2016 / AVTOVAZ launched sales of the new LADA XRAY

Russian Automotive Market Research

AVTOVAZ launched sales of the new car - LADA XRAY high hatchback. Start of sales was carried out by 124 dealers across Russia. During the year XRAY will appear in the official online shop of the plant, which has begun to operate recently and now works in a test mode.

This year the plant plans to sell a total of 16-25 thousand LADA XRAY. The plant considers the possibility to export cars in Hungary and possibly in Egypt. The plant management notes that the main competitors of XRAY are Renault Sandero Stepway, as well as Hyundai Solaris and KIA Rio hatchbacks.

Currently the car localization level is 50-65% depending on the version. The price for the new car varies from 589 to 723 thousand rubles.

17.02.2016 / Kia announced sales of Optima sedan

Russian Automotive Market Research

Kia will launch sales of Optima sedan of the new generation on March 9. Prices for the model will start from 1 069 900 rubles. The cost of the new car in similar models grew by 1% in comparison with its predecessor.

Assembly of Optima was launched at the plant Avtotor in Kaliningrad. Sedan will be available in six versions including two sport ones (GT and GT-Line). The standard version of the model Classic received 2.0-liter petrol engine capacity of 150 HP. The engine works in combination with six-speed manual gear box.