28.04.2016 / Prices for Lada Vesta and Lada XRAY increased

Russian Automotive Market Research

AvtoVAZ changed the cost of Lada Vesta and XRAY models. The company explained adjustments by inflation and changes in the competitive environment since the beginning of 2016.

New price lists will come into force on May 1, 2016. Clients, who want to purchase the base version of Vesta sedan, will have to pay at least 529 thousand rubles. Previously prices for the model started from 514 thousand rubles. The cost of the version Comfort will be 582 thousand rubles beginning May 1 (previously - 570 thousand rubles). The price for a top version Luxe grew by 14 thousand rubles and will cost 623 thousand rubles.

Prices for Lada XRAY with 1.6-liter Russian petrol engine capacity of 106 HP will remain unchanged (from 589 thousand rubles.) However, the cost of versions with 1.6-liter Renault engines (110 HP) will increase by 11 thousand rubles (from 639 thousand rubles). The price for a hatchback version with 1.8-liter Russian engine grew by 16 thousand rubles and now starts from 669 thousand rubles.

27.04.2016 / The amount of compensation for car export was defined

Russian Automotive Market Research

The state will compensate for up to 80% of the cost of transportation to border regions by land and up to 50% - by sea. The amount of compensation depends on the vehicle type and the quantity of exported products. In the decree the Ministry of Industry and Trade offers to pay up to 5.6 rubles per kilometer of mileage of the vehicle carrying cars abroad to automakers. For transportation of the all-wheel drive car the payment will be 11.2 rubles, LCV – 24 rubles, trucks and buses – 56 rubles. If vehicles move on their own, the payment will not exceed 24 rubles per 1 km.

Subsidies for compensation of costs of transportation by railroad will be based on the price list of Russian Railways 10-01. In case of delivery by sea transport the maximum compensation will be 50 thousand rubles per each car, 150 thousand rubles – LCV, 225 thousand rubles - trucks and buses. This subsidy does not depend on the distance. Support of marine transportation will cover only operations within the Russian territorial waters.

27.04.2016 / KIA opened a new center in Izhevsk

Russian Automotive Market Research

KIA Motors Rus opened a new dealership in Izhevsk – Leo Smart Leader, which became the second dealer center of the brand in this city.

The new dealership with the total area of 4615 square meters has a showroom area of almost 1000 square meters. This center is arranged in accordance with the Red cube standard of KIA dealerships. A service zone of the dealer center area of 2564 square meters has 23 posts of mechanical repair, 12 posts of body repair, 1 painting camera and a warehouse of spare parts and accessories area of 362 square meters.

Currently in Russia there are 177 official KIA dealerships in 92 cities. Since the beginning of 2016 KIA dealer network included 4 new dealerships.

26.04.2016 / BMW opened a new dealer center in Yekaterinburg

Russian Automotive Market Research

BMW opened a new official dealer center in Yekaterinburg. Auto center «Kraft» became the second dealership of the Bavarian brand in this city. The total area of a two-storied center is 6400 square meters. The showroom occupies about 700 square meters and service premises - about 2000 square meters. The remaining area is occupied by the body shop, underground parking and utility rooms.


26.04.2016 / Chery Tiggo 5 is available with the discount of up to 70 thousand rubles

Russian Automotive Market Research

Chery Automobiles Rus offers its clients to purchase Chery Tiggo 5 crossover in a version Luxury with the discount of up to 70 thousand rubles until April 30, 2016. The car is equipped with 2.0-liter petrol engine capacity of 136 HP and 5-speed manual gear box or CVT.

The maximum discount when purchasing a crossover on credit under partner programs Chery Finance with UniCredit Bank will be 40 thousand rubles. The loan is provided for a term of up to 12 months with the initial payment of 50% of the car value. Up to 30 thousand rubles can be saved under the program Cherry Trade-in.

25.04.2016 / «Dongfeng Motor Rus» increased the loan term to 7 years

Russian Automotive Market Research

«Dongfeng Motor Rus» announced the extension of DFM Finance program, a special lending program for the purchase of new DFM cars. If previously the maximum loan term was 36 months (3 years), now customers have the opportunity to receive the loan for a term of up to 7 years.

DFM Finance program provides for special rates for DFM H30 Cross and DFM S30: interest rates when buying a policy of voluntary insurance of life and health of the borrower start from 7.9%. The minimum initial payment is 30% of the car value. The loan amount – from 100 thousand to 1 million rubles, the possible term – from 3 months to 7 years.

22.04.2016 / The company Cadillac launched sales of XT5 in the Russian market

Russian Automotive Market Research

Cadillac dealers in Russia began to accept orders for the new XT5 premium SUV, which replaced SRX. Prices for the novelty start from 2 million 990 thousand rubles for the basic version. The cost of the version Luxury is from 3 million 190 thousand rubles. The version Premium is offered at the price from 3 million 590 thousand rubles. The top version Platinum costs 3 million 990 thousand rubles.

Cadillac XT5 all-wheel drive crossover is offered with a new 3.6-liter V6 engine capacity of 310 HP, which works in combination with 8-speed automatic gear box.

20.04.2016 / Production of cars in January-March 2016

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, in January-March 2016 249 thousand cars rolled off the Russian production lines that is by 26.3% less than in the previous year. In March 100 thousand cars were produced, which is a 25.9% decrease on the last year.  

In the first quarter of 2016 Avtotor launched the production of KIA Sportage crossover of the fourth generation and Hyundai plant in Saint Petersburg started the test assembly of the new Hyundai Creta compact crossover, serial production of which will begin in the third quarter of 2016.

20.04.2016 / The share of cars sold on credit increased in the first quarter of 2016

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH), in the first quarter of 2016 the number of cars purchased on credit in the Russian market amounted to 100.1 thousand units, having increased by 65.7% in comparison with the similar period of the last year (in the first quarter of 2015 – 60.4 thousand units).

In January-March 2016 the share of cars bought on credit was 37.3%. Compared to the similar period of 2015 this figure increased by 15.3% (in January-March 2015 22% of sold cars were purchased on credit).

19.04.2016 / Chery cars can be purchased on special lending terms

Russian Automotive Market Research

«Metcombank» and «Chery Cars Rus» launched a special lending program under Chery Finance. A special offer is available to customers, who want to buy Tiggo FL 1.8 crossover: without initial payment, 0% per annum with the loan term of 12 months. These terms are valid due to the marketing rate in a form of provision the customer with a special price for the car.

Tiggo 5, Arrizo 7, Bonus 3, Indis, Very, M11 sedan and M11 hatchback can be purchased on credit without initial payment for a term of up to 6 years. Interest rates start from 15.7% per annum. In the framework of a comprehensive offer special terms for the purchase of hull and life insurance, which significantly reduce the cost of the loan servicing, are available to borrowers.