31.05.2016 / UAZ develops a new crossover

Russian Automotive Market Research

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant plans to launch the production of a promising UAZ crossover in 2020. The work on a fundamentally new model, developed using elements of the Unified Modular Platform (UMP) for vehicles of Cortege project, started in Ulyanovsk in the end of 2014. The car with a code index UAZ-3170 will have the unitized body, independent suspension of all wheels, but it will be much less than Patriot – length provided by the project is 4.6 meters.

It is assumed that UAZ-3170 will get a new 2.5-liter ZMZ engine (145 HP) or turbo charged unit on the basis of the old ZMZ-406 displacement of 2.3 liters, developing 150-170 HP. As an option an automatic gear box will be offered to buyers. The model line-up will include two- and all-wheel drive versions.

31.05.2016 / LADA entered the market of Lebanon again

AVTOVAZ resumed sales of cars in Lebanon. In Beirut it opened a new LADA dealer center, which will offer Lada 4x4 SUV, as well as Kalina, Granta and Largus.

30.05.2016 / Changan cars are available on preferential credits

Russian Automotive Market Research

Changan Motors Rus announced the extension of the program of preferential loans for the purchase of all Changan models in Russia. The loan rate under the program Changan Finance Direct starts from 7.33% per annum.

Under the program, which is implemented in cooperation with UniCredit Bank, the loan with the rate from 7.33% per annum and the initial payment of 30% is available to individuals for a term from 12 to 60 months. The possible loan amount varies from 100 thousand to 6.5 million rubles. The program will be valid in all 31 dealerships of the company located in 23 Russian cities.

The program will cover novelties of the company, the next of which will be the new version of the compact crossover CS35 1.6 AT Comfort, which will appear in Russia in June 2016.

27.05.2016 / KIA opened a new dealer center in Belgorod

Russian Automotive Market Research

KIA Motors Rus opened a new KIA dealership in Belgorod, which is owned by TRINITI Motors. This is the second dealership of the brand in the Belgorod region.

Designed in accordance with the current KIA standard «Red cube» the new dealership has a total area of 2364 square meters. The showroom occupies 751 square meters and a service zone – 1083 square meters, where there are 6 posts of body repair and 6 posts of mechanical repair. This center has a two-storied warehouse of spare parts and accessories with the area of 198 square meters.

From the beginning of 2016 KIA opened 7 new dealerships in Russia. Currently there are 177 official KIA dealer centers in 93 Russian cities.

26.05.2016 / Maintenance of Lada cars became cheaper

Russian Automotive Market Research

Beginning May 24, 2016 AVTOVAZ established the maximum recommended prices for the maintenance of cars and reduced the cost of regular maintenance in authorized dealer centers by 20%. For example, the cost of the first recommended maintenance for owners of Lada Vesta in Moscow and Saint Petersburg will be 6 thousand rubles, the second one — 8 thousand rubles, the third one — 6 thousand rubles. For other cities it will cost 5 thousand rubles, 6.5 thousand rubles and 5 thousand rubles, respectively.

The recommended cost of maintenance of Lada Kalina with 16-valve engine will be 3 thousand rubles, 7 thousand rubles and 6.5 thousand rubles for Moscow and Saint Petersburg, for other cities — 3 thousand rubles, 5,5 thousand rubles and 5 thousand rubles.

26.05.2016 / Nissan Juke crossover leaves the Russian market

Russian Automotive Market Research

The company stops sales of Nissan Juke crossovers in Russia. The main reason for this decision is the economic situation in the country.

At the moment sales of Nissan Juke in Russia are carried out from warehouses of Nissan dealerships. Stock of new cars in dealers' warehouses is enough for a few months. The resumption of the model supply in Russia is not excluded in concourse of a number of factors, including strengthening of the ruble against Euro-US dollar.

Currently prices for the restyled Nissan Juke start from 859 thousand rubles in Russia. The model is available with three different petrol engines: 1.6-liter capacity of 94 HP or 117 HP and 1.6 DIG-T developing 190 HP. In addition, customers can purchase a sport version of Juke Nismo crossover. Prices for sport crossover start from 1 617 000 rubles.

25.05.2016 / Prices for Renault Kaptur start from 859 thousand rubles

Russian Automotive Market Research

The new Renault Kaptur will be offered to the Russian buyers with two petrol engines — 1.6-liter capacity of 114 HP and 2.0-liter capacity of 143 HP, meeting Euro-5 emission standard.

Manual transmissions are presented by 5-speed gear box, which is available for versions with 1.6-liter engines and front-wheel drive, and 6-speed gear box — for versions with 2.0-liter engines and all-wheel drive. Traditional automatic transmission is especially adapted for off-road use and is offered in combination with 2.0-liter engine and all-wheel drive.

In addition to manual gear box the front-wheel drive versions are also available with CVT X-Tronic, especially developed for the Russian model. Versions with this transmission will go on sale in September 2016.

24.05.2016 / The transport tax will be abolished for three years in Saint Petersburg

Russian Automotive Market Research

The government of Saint Petersburg approved a draft law to abolish the transport tax. This document was developed by the Committee of Finance on behalf of the city governor. Under the bill organizations and residents of the city will be exempted from the transport tax for new cars produced in Russia for three years. The main condition to receive the benefit – cars must be registered during the period from April 1 to December 31, 2016 and purchased in organizations of Saint Petersburg. Besides reduction of costs of car buyers, this support measure will enable to maintain the production volumes and keep jobs in automotive enterprises of Saint Petersburg, as well as decrease inventory in dealerships.

23.05.2016 / Honda launched sales of the new Pilot in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

Honda announced prices for its largest crossover Pilot of the new generation. The car was presented last year, but sales in Russia were postponed because of the volatility of the currency market. The novelty will be offered in three versions: Lifestyle, Executive and Premium. The price for a basic version starts from 2 999 900 rubles.

The car is equipped with single option 3.0-liter V6 engine of Earth Dreams Technology family. Depending on the speed and the distance length the engine can run on three, four or six cylinders. Engine capacity is 249 HP. The unit works in combination with a new six-speed automatic gear box.

The version Executive is offered at the price from 3 299 900 rubles and the top version Premium - from 3 549 900 rubles. The main competitors of the new Pilot in the Russian market will be Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer and Kia Sorento Prime.

23.05.2016 / BMW opened a center in Kaliningrad

Russian Automotive Market Research

BMW Group Russia opened the new dealership «Rus Motors» in Kaliningrad. This center occupies 4000 square meters and provides a full range of services for selling and servicing both new and used BMW cars. «Rus Motors» became the Western partner of the brand and now the dealer network of BMW Group Russia covers the entire territory of Russia from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad.

The new dealership consists of two showrooms with a total area of 760 square meters, service zone area of 1000 square meters, a warehouse of spare parts, which occupies 210 square meters. Repair shop of 10 posts may serve up to 40 cars a day.