31.08.2016 / Hyundai will present hull insurance to buyers of Solaris cars

Hyundai Motor CIS announced the new action. Beginning August 25 all buyers of Hyundai Solaris receive the hull insurance policy as a gift. When purchasing this model the client gets the full hull insurance policy including compensation for the damage, theft and loss of the car.

30.08.2016 / The average MTPL payment increased by 37% in July

According to the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI), in July 2016 the average MTPL payment increased by 37% and made 70.360 thousand rubles in comparison with the similar period of the last year.

29.08.2016 / Launch of sales of the new Toyota Corolla

Toyota dealers in Russia launched sales of the updated Toyota Corolla sedan, which was adapted for operation in difficult temperature and road conditions in Russia. Prices for the novelty start from 949 thousand rubles, while the top version will cost at least 1 million 259 thousand rubles.

29.08.2016 / AVTOVAZ presented the large-scale exposition at MIAS-2016

At the Moscow Automobile Salon AVTOVAZ presented 6 new concepts and new versions of LADA Vesta. In 2016 LADA stand was the largest in the brand history – 2 thousand square meters, where 19 exhibits were presented. The exhibition shows potential directions of LADA model line-up development

26.08.2016 / AVTOVAZ defined important areas of activity for the near term

In 2016 AVTOVAZ expects to produce slightly more than 420 thousand cars. These figures include assemble of cars in Kazakhstan and about 90 thousand cars, which AVTOVAZ will assemble for Renault and Nissan. Thus, about 300 thousand cars will be assembled under LADA brand in 2016.

26.08.2016 / Changan will launch mass production of CS35 model at Russian facilities in autumn

At the Moscow motor show Changan presented the first CS35 compact crossovers assembled at the production facilities in the Lipetsk region.
Changan plant, located in the Krasninskoe district of the Lipetsk region, will work in accordance with the principle of SKD assembly. Currently, the company assembles only CS35 compact crossovers

25.08.2016 / The Government offered a new measure to increase demand for cars

The Ministry of Finance will submit to the State Duma a bill containing amendments to the Tax code, which, according to the plan of the Russian government, shall lead to the increase in demand for Russian cars.
The project assumes that beginning January 1, 2017 taxpayers will be exempted from tax on property of organizations in respect of vehicles subject to state registration.

25.08.2016 / Volvo S90 will be offered in Russia at the price of 2 641 thousand rubles

Volvo Car Russia presented the flagship Volvo S90 sedan in Moscow, which is available for orders in dealer centers. The cost of the new car starts from 2 million 641 thousand rubles.

24.08.2016 / Volkswagen launched the new Touareg version to the market

Volkswagen began to accept orders for the new version of Touareg crossover called R-line Executive in Russia. Prices for the car start from 3 450 000 rubles. Currently the most affordable Touareg costs at least 2 600 000 rubles.

24.08.2016 / Production of Toyota RAV4 was launched in Saint Petersburg

Toyota plant in Saint Petersburg launched the production of RAV4 crossover. Investments in the project amounted to 9.7 billion rubles. Cars produced in Russia will be also supplied to markets of Kazakhstan and Belarus. In addition to RAV4, the Russian plant assembles Camry sedan since 2007.