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02.07.2018 / «ISUZU Sollers» will build the production complex of a new automobile plant in Ulyanovsk

Russian Automotive Market Research

With the assistance of the Ministry of Economic Development and the government of the Ulyanovsk region a large investment project on the creation of assembly production in collaboration with Isuzu is implemented in the territory of UAZ industrial park.

On May 26, 2018 in Moscow, Isuzu Sollers concluded a special investment contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Ulyanovsk region to implement the technology partnership project in Russia, which provides for the creation of a new joint product in a segment of medium-duty trucks and export through Isuzu distribution network worldwide.

Production at the new facilities will be launched in 2021.

26.05.2020 / What automobile plants increased vehicle production in April?

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, in April 2020: 
• 27.9 thousand cars were produced in Russia, which was a 80% decline ...
• production of trucks in April 2020 fell by 25% to 4.8 thousand units...
• the decline in production was also typical for LCV (-53%)...
• 0.9 thousand buses were produced, which was a 25%...

25.05.2020 / Trailer production in Russia increased by 12%

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, in the first quarter of 2020 the production of trailers and semi-trailers reached 9.26 thousand units*, which was a 12% rise on the same period of 2019.
Positive production dynamics was shown by trailers of O2 category...

25.05.2020 / KAMAZ dumper with K5 cab is being tested

KAMAZ-65952 dumper with the new-generation cab is being tested at NAMI testing site in Dmitrov. The vehicle is also tested in conditions as close as possible to real operation in order to check the reliability of all technical solutions.
The vehicle belongs to the newest K5 family...

22.05.2020 / Launch of sales of new generation KAMAZ tractor units

KAMAZ announced the launch of sales of the flagship of the new K5 line - KAMAZ-54901. The list price for the long-haul tractor unit is 7 million 099.2 thousand rubles (including the service contract). The final price is set by the company's official dealers...

22.05.2020 / Sales of special purpose vehicles under financial leasing fell by 43% in April

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, the number of leasing contracts for special purpose vehicles in April 20201 decreased by 39% on April 20192 and amounted to 0.79 thousand units.
In April 2020, 0.86 thousand special purpose vehicles were transferred to financial leasing, which was a 43% decline on April 2019...

21.05.2020 / GAZ officially launched sales of GAZelle City minibus

Sales of the new GAZelle City minibus started in all GAZ dealerships.
GAZelle City features the low floor level, pneumatic system for lowering the floor height at stops and a wide double door...

21.05.2020 / Moscow will receive 328 LiAZ buses

In 2020, Likino bus plant will deliver 328 extra-large buses to Moscow. Buses have 42 seats and are designed to carry 162 passengers.
Earlier it was reported that in 2020 GAZ Group will deliver 100 electric buses to Moscow. The service life of vehicles is 15 years.

21.05.2020 / KAMAZ mastered the production of LNG trucks with two cryotanks

KAMAZ produced the first fully gas-powered KAMAZ-5490 trucks running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) with two cryotanks.
LNG KAMAZ-5490 with two cryogenic tanks is equipped with the engine capacity of 400 HP and the autonomous run with a full load of more than 1 400 km.

20.05.2020 / More than 1000 Lada Largus will supplement the Russian Post's fleet

VTB Leasing will deliver 1 162 Lada Largus vehicles to the Russian Post.
Vehicles are transferred under financial lease for a term of 5 years. The total amount of the agreement will be 1.2 billion rubles...

20.05.2020 / Used bus sales decreased by 55%

Russian Automotive Market Research has analyzed bus sales in Russia.
In April 2020 used bus sales fell by 54.9% on April 2019 to 996 buses. In April 2020 used buses aged 11-15 years were the most popular ...

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