Commercial Vehicles

31.10.2014 / Sollers-Isuzu line-up included a new model

Russian Automotive Market Research

The first chassis of a series Forward of medium-duty trucks Isuzu of the sixth generation rolled off the assembly line of the plant Sollers-Isuzu in Ulyanovsk. The engine displacement of this vehicle is 7.8 liters and the capacity is 280 HP.

The plant plans to produce 1000 - 1500 chassis of a series Forward per year. The plant in Ulyanovsk produces a total of seven models of trucks from Isuzu model line-up including F-series: NLR, NMR N1, NMR, NPR, NQR, FSR and FVR. Currently trucks Isuzu Forward participate in the program of the park renewal, implemented by the company Sollers-Isuzu.

28.10.2014 / GAZon Next entered the Russian market

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group launches sales of GAZon Next medium-duty truck, the production of which started in late September. The price for a new vehicle starts from 1 million 50 thousand rubles.

The truck GAZon Next is available in two variants of the wheelbase - standard and extended; more than 200 modifications of vehicles may be developed on its basis.

The lifting capacity of a new truck is increased by 0.5 tons in comparison with its predecessor GAZ-3309 (5 tons against 4.5 tons). The number of GAZon Next seats is increased from two to three. The vehicle will be equipped with diesel engine YAMZ-534, its capacity is increased from 136 to 149 HP in comparison with current models.

24.10.2014 / The share of far abroad countries grows in the KAMAZ export structure

Russian Automotive Market Research

Export of KAMAZ, which decreased by one third in January-July 2014 in relation to the last year, in August-September leaped in 1.8 times to 1180 trucks and assembly kits, and the revenue from these supplies – in 2.3 times to 1.75 billion rubles. In general, over nine months, KAMAZ export decreased by 17% in comparison with the similar period of the last year and made 3758 trucks on 5.95 billion rubles: supplies to CIS countries fell by 22% to 3175 units (4.96 billion rubles, -17%), those to foreign countries increased by 30.1% to 583 vehicles (980 million rubles, +24%).

The main foreign market of KAMAZ is Kazakhstan, outside CIS - countries of Asia, Latin America and Africa. Growth of export outside CIS is largely due to the increase in number of orders from Africa.

23.10.2014 / Production of commercial vehicles in January-September 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, in January-September 2014, 113 thousand trucks were produced, which is a 21.5% decrease on the year prescription. In September, 13.1 thousand trucks rolled off the Russian production lines, that is by 27.6% less than in the previous year.

In September 2014 Gorky Automobile Plant launched the production of medium-duty truck of the new generation GAZon Next. At the end of September KAMAZ stopped its production of trucks for three days because of the falling demand in the Russian market.

Bus production in Russia for the first nine months of 2014 decreased by 24.5% and made 29.6 thousands units. In September 2014, bus plants produced about 4 thousand vehicles - by 18.1% less than in the previous year.

22.10.2014 / Avtotor launched assembly of trucks Tata Daewoo

Russian Automotive Market Research

Avtotor launched SKD of two models of dump trucks and two models of high-sided trucks of the South Korean Tata Daewoo. The capacity of trucks will be from 16 to 25 tons. Production volumes will depend on the market demand. Trucks are certified for sales in Russia and Europe and comply with Euro-5 standards.

The plant invested 15 million Euros in the preparation of production facilities and personnel to manufacture trucks Tata Daewoo. The production capacity of the complex is 15000 trucks per year. In the future Avtotor plans to expand the production due to commissioning of painting and welding shops.

20.10.2014 / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Hino Trucks celebrates 30 years


Hino Trucks celebrates 30 years in the United States

October 20th, 2014

NOVI, MI - Hino Trucks reached a milestone of 30 years in business in the United States. Founded in 1984 as a limited distributorship with responsibility for importing class 4 through 7 cab-over trucks, Hino has evolved into a prominent U.S. company with a dealer network of more than 200 points, assembly and manufacturing facilities in Williamstown, WV and Marion, AR, with eight locations throughout the country.

17.10.2014 / The Chinese Dongfeng Motor will establish a joint venture on bus production in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

The government of the Saratov region and the Chinese company Dongfeng Motor signed an agreement on cooperation. The Chinese company will invest 100 million dollars in the building of a site for the production of city buses in Krasnoarmeysk.

The plant will produce a new model of city buses, which will be jointly developed by Russian and Chinese engineers. The JV aims to produce 500 vehicles per year.

The company will be located on the territory of the industrial complex Signal-Mash on the federal highway Syzran - Volgograd. This production site is now preserved. The area of a plant will make 162 hectares; it is connected to all utilities.

16.10.2014 / GAZ Group expands its model line-up of gas buses

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group presented a new model of the bus KAVZ-4270, running on compressed natural gas.

The CNG KAVZ-4270 bus is intended for routes with heavy passenger traffic. This model can be produced in two versions as a city bus and a suburban bus. The bus is equipped with Cummins engine, which is compliant with Euro-5 emission standard, capacity of 230 HP.

The fuel gas is stored in six cylinders with a total capacity of 665 liters, mounted on the bus roof. The fully filled cylinders ensure an operating range of 475 km. The bus can carry 61-84 passengers depending on a version. An area for transportation of limited mobility passengers is provided in the bus. Gas bus KAVZ-4270 is equipped with pneumatic suspension, as well as kneeling system (adjustable bus tilt angle up to 7 degrees towards the doors).

15.10.2014 / KAMAZ financial data in January-September 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

Over the first 9 months of 2014 KAMAZ net profit decreased by 39.9% and made 1.517 billion rubles according to Russian Accounting Standards.

Over the first 9 months of the current year the company's revenue amounted to 70.2 billion rubles (-9%), gross profit - 13.6 billion rubles, selling costs - 9.8 billion rubles (beginning 2014 selling costs included utilization fee). As a result, the company's net profit made 1.517 billion rubles over 9 months of 2014.

13.10.2014 / A decree on allocation subsidies for the purchase of gas motor vehicles was signed

Russian Automotive Market Research

The government launches a new program to support demand for gas motor vehicles. The Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a government decree on rules for the allocation of subsidies for the purchase of vehicles running on gas fuel in 2014-2015 for regions.

According to calculations of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, under this program 1497 buses and 1000 vehicles for housing and communal services produced in the territory of the Customs Union and running on the compressed gas (methane) can be purchased. Subsidies for buses amount from 130 thousand to 3 million rubles, for special purpose vehicles - from 100 thousand to 3.8 million rubles. There are 3.77 billion rubles in the budget 2014 for the implementation of the program.