Commercial Vehicles

28.11.2014 / The plant for the production of cabins was opened in Kaluga

Russian Automotive Market Research

Volvo Group opened a plant for the production of cabins capacity of 15000 units per year at the value of 90 million Euros. All trucks Volvo and Renault manufactured at the Kaluga automobile plant will be equipped with these cabins.

The plant carries out welding and painting, all stamped parts are supplied from abroad. It is unknown when the company will switch over to the local stamping: all depends on sales and production of trucks in Kaluga, where the company plans to produce 2000 trucks by the end of 2014, which is almost two times less than in the similar period of the last year. Now it manufactures only trucks under the brand Volvo, the production of vehicles Renault was suspended and will be resumed in the middle of 2015.

According to the year results, the level of localization of trucks will be 15%. Volvo Group plans to increase the level of localization of vehicles produced in Russia. By 2020, the company may organize the assembly of axles and gear boxes in Kaluga.

27.11.2014 / Trailer KAMAZ presented a dumping road train

Russian Automotive Market Research

Trailer KAMAZ, a subsidiary of KAMAZ in Stavropol, introduces a dumping road train consisting of the vehicle SZAP-3517-01M2 and the trailer SZAP-8551-02M2 in the market. The vehicle SZAP-3517-01M2 is based on the KAMAZ-65115 chassis with a Cummins engine and a ZF gear box. The total volume of cargo is 30 cubic meters (15 +15).

The main feature of the train is a platform with two levels of sides: the lower level can be fixed both above and below, the upper level is with a top hinged section. The vehicle and the trailer unload cargo to both sides.

24.11.2014 / KAMAZ will present three novelties at the beginning of 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

In February 2015 KAMAZ plans to launch three new models of trucks, which can be used as dump trucks and other special purpose vehicles. Models have been already passing the test assembly on the conveyor. These trucks will have the new cabin, developed in cooperation with Daimler. KAMAZ stated that this will be fundamentally new models with new engines, gear box and cabin. The production volumes of new trucks will be determined by the market demand.

21.11.2014 / Production of commercial vehicles in January-October 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, in January-October 2014, 127 thousand trucks were produced, that is by 24.2% less than in the previous year. Last month 14 thousand trucks rolled off the Russian production lines, which is a 41.1% decrease on the year prescription.

Over the first ten months of 2014 the bus production in Russia decreased by 20.7% and made 34.1 thousand units. Meanwhile, in October 2014 bus plants produced about 4.5 thousand buses - by 14.8% more than in the previous year.

In October 2014 the Kaliningrad plant Avtotor started to produce heavy-duty trucks TATA Daewoo and Sollers-Isuzu JV launched the production of medium-duty trucks Isuzu series Forward of the new generation. Automobile Plant Ural launched the production of updated all-wheel drive trucks Ural-M in October 2014.

20.11.2014 / Production of a new version of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic was launched

Russian Automotive Market Research

The production of cargo and passenger version of the commercial vehicle Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic Mixto was launched in Nizhny Novgorod. The vehicle was developed at the request of the brand’s clients; the van is equipped by the partner company Luidor LLC.

The cargo and passenger version is available for medium and long-wheelbase vehicles with GVW of 3.5 tons. The package of extra equipment costs 145 thousand rubles.

The model Sprinter Classic has been produced in Russia since September 2013. In the Russian market Sprinter Classic is available in four cargo and three passenger versions with 16, 17 and 20 seats. The price for the cargo version starts from 1214000 rubles, for the passenger one - from 1505000 rubles (for a version 17+1).

14.11.2014 / Import of right-hand drive buses in Russia will be prohibited beginning 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

Beginning the next year import and operation of right-hand drive buses will be prohibited in Russia. Restrictions are imposed under technical regulations, which will enter into force on January 1, 2015 on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union. Moreover, such measures are taken for the safety of passengers.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, even without restrictions, the number of imported right-hand drive used vehicles has significantly declined recently. This was due to the utilization program, which was resumed since September 1, 2014.

12.11.2014 / Import and export of trucks in January-September 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal Customs Service of Russia, over the first nine months of 2014 import of trucks in Russia decreased by 19.5% and made 50600 units on 1.64 billion dollars. 48600 trucks (-20.3%) on 1.39 billion dollars were imported from foreign countries, 2000 trucks (+5.3%) on 249 million dollars - from CIS countries.

For the reporting period 14900 trucks (-16.3%) on 339.9 million dollars were exported from Russia. 11600 trucks (-23.7%) on 222.8 million dollars were supplied to CIS countries, 3300 trucks (+27%) on 117.1 million dollars – to foreign countries. 

11.11.2014 / Sales of new Renault Master were launched

Russian Automotive Market Research

Beginning November 7, 2014 Renault starts to accept orders for a new commercial vehicle Renault Master. The company will launch sales of this model in a body chassis in Russia for the first time (previously it sold only the van). Vehicles will be available in dealer centers in early December.

Renault Master based on chassis can be equipped with manufactured goods or isothermal van, rear body, workshop and laboratory. Seven different versions are available, including chassis with double cab with 7 seats, front or rear wheel drive. All rear-wheel drive versions are equipped with dual rear wheels.

Renault Master in a body van can be ordered in nine versions: four variants of lengths, three variants of height, front or rear-wheel drive, capacity from 919 to 2050 kg.

11.11.2014 / Sales of vehicles KAMAZ significantly decreased in January-September 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

In January-September 2014 KAMAZ sales in Russia decreased by 13.5% and made 23013 trucks. Of which vehicles with GVW of 14-40 tons (including assemble sets) were sold in number of 22707 units, medium-duty trucks with GVW of 8-14 tons - 306 units.

10.11.2014 / Sales of new Mercedes-Benz Vito were launched in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

Sales of Mercedes-Benz Vito of the new generation were launched. At the initial stage, the vehicle is offered with front and rear-wheel drive and beginning the first quarter of 2015 all-wheel drive Vito versions will be available. Engines have capacity from 88 HP to 190 HP, cargo carrying capacity - from 870 kg to 1.345 tons.

Vito in a body van with front-wheel drive and engine capacity of 88 HP is the most affordable - its price starts from 1.190 million rubles. The version with rear-wheel drive and engine capacity of 136 HP can be purchased at the price of 1.370 million rubles.

Vito can be ordered in a variant of minibus in three possible versions: Tourer Base (from 1.4 million rubles), Vito Pro Tourer (from 1.510 million rubles) and Tourer Select (from 1.660 million rubles).