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30.09.2014 / Scania and GAZ Group signed a partnership agreement

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Swedish concern Scania and GAZ Group signed a partnership agreement within the framework of the IAA International Transportation and Logistics Show, Hannover, Germany. According to the document, companies intend to extend cooperation in the sphere of bus production and promotion into the Russian and export markets.

The agreement was signed in continuation of the cooperation between GAZ Group and Scania, which was started in 2005, when GAZ Group launched the production of coaches Cruise on Scania chassis. Voyage buses based on Scania chassis were launched into production in 2011.

Currently GAZ Group enterprises produce buses Voyage, Voyage L, Cruise and LIAZ-529230 using Scania components.

25.09.2014 / KAMAZ announced downtime days

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ announced September 26, 29 and 30, 2014 to be downtime days in respect of certain categories of staff, without the presence in workplaces. The company had to take these measures because of the situation in the Russian truck market, which decreased by 20%, as well as to preserve the financial stability of the enterprise.

The company will carry out the regulation, repair and preventive maintenance in the current mode. Departments engaged in sales and shipment of commercial products, manufacture of spare parts, bus chassis and products of diversification will continue to work according to the normal five-day schedule. If necessary, in order to unconditionally fulfill the month plan, downtime days will be cancelled.

25.09.2014 / September 25th, 2014


Hino Trucks conducts annual National Service Skills Competition

September 25th, 2014

Novi, Michigan - Hino Trucks held their sixth annual National Service Skills Competition at their training facility in Novi, Michigan last week. The Skills Competition brings together the best of the best dealer service technicians from across the country that achieved Master Elite Technician status and puts them head-to-head against each other in varying simulated service-related situations.

24.09.2014 / The new KAMAZ long haul tractor is included in the program of utilization and trade-in

Russian Automotive Market Research

The list of new vehicles of the 2014 year of manufacture to be sold under the program was expanded due to the inclusion of a representative of the new model line-up, the truck KAMAZ M1842. The long haul tractor KAMAZ has the cabin Merсеdes-Benz of the family Axor with air conditioner and heated seats, a modified system of KAMAZ chassis was used. As for the power unit the truck is equipped with a six-cylinder engine Merсеdes-Benz OM457LA capacity of 428 HP, which meets the standards Euro-5. This vehicle can be bought with a discount of 350 thousand rubles.

23.09.2014 / GAZon Next rolled off the GAZ assembly line

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group launched the production of a new generation medium-duty truck GAZon Next. The volume of investments in the development of a new line-up of trucks exceeded 2.3 billion rubles.

The truck GAZon Next is available in two wheelbase variants - standard and extended. More than 200 modifications of vehicles can be created on its basis.

The payload capacity of a new truck increased by 0.5 tons in comparison with its predecessor GAZ-3309 (5 tons against 4.5 tons). The number of seats of GAZon Next is increased from two to three. The vehicle will be equipped with diesel engine YAMZ-534, its capacity in comparison with current models is increased from 136 to 149 HP.

19.09.2014 / Volkswagen Commercial vehicles launched the program of utilization and trade-in

Russian Automotive Market Research

The brand Volkswagen Commercial vehicles launched a program of utilization and trade-in of old cars «Clean way», which is valid from September 15 to October 31, 2014 in all official dealer centers Volkswagen.

According to the program, the customer can purchase a new commercial vehicle Volkswagen at a special price, delivering its used vehicle for recycling or under the trade-in. A distinctive feature of the program «Clean way» is that only vehicles of environmental classes 2 and below are accepted for recycling, and only vehicles of environmental classes 3 and/or 4 - under the trade-in. The offer is available for both individuals and legal entities.

This offer covers vehicles, produced both in Russia and foreign countries: Multivan, Caravelle, Caddy Kombi, as well as Crafter Kasten and Crafter bus.

18.09.2014 / Production of commercial vehicles in January-August 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, in August 2014 production of trucks decreased by 24.1% in comparison with the similar period of the last year and made 12 900 units, but increased by 8% on July 2014. In January-August 99900 trucks were produced in Russia, which is a 20.6% decrease on the previous year.

Bus production in August 2014 fell by 31.7% in comparison with August 2013 and made 3600 units, but increased by 1.4% on July 2014.

16.09.2014 / Sollers-Isuzu will supply trucks in CIS countries

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to the agreements, concluded in the beginning of the year, in August the company Sollers-Isuzu supplied 30 chassis to Isuzu distributors in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan for the further transfer to customers in local markets.

Customers were especially interested in chassis Elf 3.5 (NMR85H), Elf 7.5 (NPR75LL) and Elf 9.5 (NQR90LL). The vehicle Isuzu Elf 3.5 has GVW of 3500 kg and, in contrast to the model Isuzu Elf 3.5 S, is equipped with double-tire wheels of the rear axle (drive axle). GVW of Elf 7.5 (NPR75LL) is 7500 kg, Elf 9.5 (NQR90LL) - 9500 kg. The carrying capacity of these models - 3014 kg, 4640 kg and 6420 kg, respectively.


15.09.2014 / New Fiat Ducato entered the Russian market

Russian Automotive Market Research

Russian dealers Fiat Professional launched sales of Fiat Ducato of the new sixth generation. The price for vans Ducato starts from 1 million 035 thousand rubles, the chassis modification costs from 1 million 049 thousand rubles, the passenger version Combi - from 1 million 275 thousand rubles.

New Fiat Ducato is equipped with 2.3-liter engine MultiJet II capacity of 130 HP, in combination with six-speed gear box.

Simultaneously with the start of sales, the company announced the launch of Utilization Program from Fiat Professional. This program provides vehicle owners with compensation of up to 120 thousand rubles when changing the old vehicle for a new one and under the utilization of a used vehicle from Fiat Professional. The offer is valid from September 8 to December 31, 2014.

12.09.2014 / LIAZ-529260 is a new model of city bus

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group presented a new model of low-floor city bus LIAZ-529260 length of 10.5 m, which is a shortened version of the restyled bus LIAZ-5292.

The bus LIAZ-529260 is designed to operate on routes with medium and heavy passenger traffic and transportation of 75 people. Due to the shorter length and reduced wheelbase LIAZ-529260 has increased maneuverability. The bus is equipped with diesel engine YAMZ-536 of the environmental standard Euro-4 and capacity of 202 kW (275 HP). The model is produced in two modifications: urban and suburban versions.