Commercial Vehicles

22.10.2015 / Carcade: continuation of the state program of preferential auto leasing will help to sell several thousands of vehicles

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to the leasing company Carcade, allocation of 1.5 billion rubles by the government for the implementation of the updated version of a program of preferential auto leasing will help to sell more than 6 thousand commercial vehicles. According to analysts of the company, vehicles of the Russian brands (GAZ, AVTOVAZ, UAZ, URAL, KAMAZ) will account for about 85% of leasing sales of commercial vehicles under the state program. Up to 50% of vehicles, which will be sold under the state program, are light commercial vehicles, leasing terms for which are similar to those of leasing of cars.

According to the decision of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, from October 12 the program of preferential leasing has been implemented in an updated format: a 10% discount for clients covers transactions of leasing of a wide range of commercial vehicles (including light commercial vehicles) produced in Russia in 2015. 1.5 billion rubles will be allocated for the continuation of the program of preferential auto leasing.

21.10.2015 / Import and export of trucks in January-August 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal Customs Service of Russia, in January-August 2015 import of trucks fell by 76.9% and made 10.7 thousand trucks on 464.8 million dollars. Of them 9.7 thousand trucks on 233.2 million dollars were imported from foreign countries, the remaining about 1000 trucks on 231.6 million dollars – from CIS countries.

Over the first eight months of 2015 export of trucks decreased by 15% to 11.3 thousand trucks on 271.6 million dollars. 2.9 thousand trucks on 131.3 million dollars were supplied to foreign countries, 8.4 thousand trucks on 140.3 million dollars - to CIS countries.

20.10.2015 / GAZelle Next received the more powerful engine

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group increased the power of a diesel engine of GAZelle Next. The company increased the power of Cummins engine from 120 HP to 149.6 HP and a torque from 270 Nm to 330 Nm. The production of vehicles in the new version was launched in Nizhny Novgorod.

Increased power was achieved by changing settings of the turbocharger and new software of the engine control unit. The model received a modified rear axle due to the use of stronger steel and reinforced pinion gear. GAZelle Next with the more powerful engine is equipped with a new ZF Sachs clutch with an increased outer diameter of the driven disc from 240 mm to 280 mm.

Engines with increased power are installed into all models and versions of GAZelle Next except small buses.

16.10.2015 / Ford Sollers offers a range of leasing programs for the purchase of Transit

Russian Automotive Market Research

Ford Sollers resumes sales of the new Ford Transit under the state program of preferential leasing together with a number of Russian leasing companies (VEB-leasing, Europlan, CARCADE, VTB Leasing and Sollers-Finance). In addition, under the program of preferential leasing Ford provides for the additional discount of 80 thousand rubles, which is available when buying the vehicle via any Russian leasing company and can be combined with all other offers, which cover Ford Transit, including Ford scrappage scheme. Ford Sollers offers special leasing programs with reduced rates as well – «Minimum rise in price», «Minimum monthly payment» and «Optimum choice».

16.10.2015 / «Russian Machines» agreed on cooperation with Fornovo Gas

Russian Automotive Market Research

Russian Machines Corporation (RM) and the Italian Fornovo Gas, which produces equipment for gas filling stations, signed a contract on cooperation in the field of gas filling equipment.

The company «RM-CNG», which is part of RM, will use the equipment of the Italian company to build gas filling stations. Parties may also establish the production of gas equipment in Russia.

In addition, the division of RM Corporation will sell and service Fornovo Gas equipment in Russia and other CIS countries.

15.10.2015 / CARCADE became a leasing partner of MAZ in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Russian leasing company CARCADE (Carcade LLC) signed a partnership agreement with Minsk Automobile Plant JSC (MAZ). CARCADE plans to ensure the growth of leasing sales of MAZ vehicles to Russian enterprises, organizations and entrepreneurs. CARCADE leasing offers enable customers to purchase MAZ vehicles on individual terms: lessees can choose the amount of the initial payment (from 9%) and the agreement term (up to 60 months) to fix the optimal size of the monthly leasing costs.

In addition, CARCADE provides lessees, who purchase MAZ vehicles, with preferential terms for the operation of vehicles during the whole period of financial lease. Customers can pay for the insurance and services in installments.

14.10.2015 / KAMAZ may launch the production of the new Cummins engine

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ and its strategic partner Cummins Inc. discussed the possibility of expanding the prospects of cooperation in the framework of a joint venture for the production of engines «CUMMINS KAMA». In particular, the matter concerned the manufacture of G-series engines and their application in the production of a new line of KAMAZ-6580 vehicles.

G-series is the newest universal platform of Cummins engines of high capacity, which meets strict international emission standards. The volume of ISG12 engine is 11.8 liters with a capacity range of 350-500 HP. Engine features a compact size and low weight, efficiency in the fuel consumption and operating costs. ISG12 meets the requirements of the European standards Euro-4 and Euro-5.

13.10.2015 / Individuals may lose the right of registration of commercial vehicles

Russian Automotive Market Research

During public discussions aimed at reducing mortality the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation offered to prohibit individuals to register buses and trucks. According to experts, the share of road accidents caused by trucks, owned by individuals, is 70% of all accidents because of traffic violations by truck drivers. The share of vehicles, which belong to individuals, always increases: over the past five years, the number of trucks purchased only by individuals rose by more than 800 thousand. This is done in order to avoid taxes, fines and other burdens.

In the framework of hearings, it was offered to cancel the registration of cargo and passenger vehicles on individuals and re-execute already registered vehicles on legal entities and private entrepreneurs, because legal and shadow carriers are in unequal conditions.

08.10.2015 / «GAZ Group» presented new CNG vehicles of the Next family

Russian Automotive Market Research

«GAZ Group» expanded the number of versions of its CNG vehicles. The manufacturer presented GAZelle Next in a version mobile shop with gas-petrol engine EvoTech Turbo CNG developed by Ulyanovsk engine plant. This version can be used as a standalone mobile outlet. The vehicle is equipped with climate system, special trade equipment, and the seller’s workplace complies with all sanitary standards.

The company also presented the garbage truck Gazon Next with YAMZ-534 CNG gas engine capacity of 149 HP. A power reserve on gas is 370 km. The vehicle can carry up to 2.8 tons of garbage in the body capacity of 8.7 cubic meters.

The launch of serial production of new versions depends on demand.

07.10.2015 / NLMK will receive scrap trucks on KAMAZ chassis

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ supplied 45 scrap trucks on KAMAZ chassis to Novolipetsk metallurgical plant (NLMK). Special purpose vehicles were manufactured at the plant of special vehicles «Transles» with the participation of «Crane center KAMAZ», a joint venture of KAMAZ and Austrian concern PALFINGER AG, as well as the holding company «Lifting Machines».

Scrap trucks on KAMAZ-65115 chassis, equipped with hydraulic manipulators Epsilon M100L80 and OMTL-97-06 with TL-6M grabs, were produced especially for the needs of the scrap structure of NLMK Group. Service support of these vehicles in the European part of Russia is carried out by the company «Transles», in the Ural federal district – PCF «TradeActiveResource».