Commercial Vehicles

25.12.2015 / NEFAZ develops and modernizes production

Russian Automotive Market Research

Neftekamsk automobile plant, KAMAZ subsidiary in Bashkiria, summed up the preliminary results of the year. Due to the company's participation in the federal program for the purchase of vehicles running on gas fuel, beginning April the bus plant is fully loaded and shipped 546 buses. NEFAZ buses received a completely updated interior and new solutions with the use of sandwich panels were prepared for crew buses as well.

In addition, NEFAZ carries out modernization of the entire model line-up of tankers. The company mastered two new products – thermo-insulated water tank and insulated concrete truck. Positive results are shown by the project «two in one» - this is the implementation of KAMAZ plans to consolidate two plants, which produced trailers. In 2015, the actual doubling of production of trailers at NEFAZ and Stavropol plant of automobile trailers, as well as the internal competition were eliminated (the model line-up was similar, there were some differences between sides, axes).

23.12.2015 / Fiat Professional dealer center opened in Novosibirsk

Russian Automotive Market Research

FCA Rus opened a new official dealer center for sales and maintenance of Fiat Professional vehicles in Novosibirsk.

The new dealership is owned by the company Alt–Park. Its total area is 2200 square meters (with three service posts). The show room area of 400 square meters presents the model line-up of Fiat Professional, available in Russia, as well as additional equipment and original spare parts and accessories Mopar. In accordance with the sales plan in 2016 Alt–Park dealership plans to sell more than 100 vehicles.

22.12.2015 / Hyundai will present two new models of commercial vehicles in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

Next year Hyundai plans to bring two new models of commercial vehicles to the Russian market: H350 light commercial vehicle and Mighty truck.

Hyundai H350, in which the number 350 means the gross weight of 3.5 tons, is based on European analogues (Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, etc.). The assembly for Russia can be organized at Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad. Hyundai H350 will be sold in three versions: van, high sided truck and minibus for thirteen passengers. The capacity of 2.5-liter turbo diesel engine is 150 or 170 HP, the vehicle is equipped with 6-speed manual gear box, rear wheel drive, and standard equipment includes ABS and stability system.

In turn, Hyundai Mighty trucks with GVW from 3.5 to 7.5 tons will replace the current models of the HD series and will receive a new cabin. It is longer than the former by almost 30 cm; the floor level decreased by 7 cm and the driver's seat longitudinal adjustment range increased by the same figure. As expected, Mighty will be in the same price range as Hyundai HD.

18.12.2015 / Production of commercial vehicles in January-November 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, in January-November 2015 116 thousand trucks were produced, which is a 16.2% decrease on the similar period of the last year. Last month 13 thousand trucks rolled off the Russian production lines that is by 6.3% more than in the previous year.

In November KAMAZ cancelled a half-time and worked according to the regular schedule, which became possible due to increase in the number of orders for the company's products. Meanwhile, Ural automobile plant launched mass production of vehicles of the new Ural Next family.

Over eleven months of 2015 the production of buses in Russia decreased by 17.1% and made 32.4 thousand units. Thus, in November bus plants produced about 3.4 thousand vehicles, which is a 20.8% decrease on the similar period of the last year.

18.12.2015 / The program aimed to support KAMAZ dealers came in force

Russian Automotive Market Research

In the framework of cooperation of KAMAZ with Sistema Leasing 24 JSC, VTB 24 subsidiary, the program of financing of dealer warehouse was launched.

In November 2015, KAMAZ partner funded two dealerships on the total amount of more than 89 million rubles. Dealers purchased 24 trucks to sell them to end consumers.

Under the program, the financing is made in the amount of 100% of the vehicle value including VAT within the established limit. The dealer independently determines the expediency to use borrowed funds within the approved limit.

17.12.2015 / The Voronezh region received PAZ CNG buses

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group supplied 105 PAZ-32054 CNG buses to municipalities of the Voronezh region. Buses will serve socially important routes in the region.

PAZ-32054 CNG small bus is based on the model of Pavlovo bus plant PAZ-32054 and is designed for suburban traffic. It is equipped with Euro-4 gas engine. Gas fuel (methane) is filled in five cylinders of 50 liters each, which ensures a power reserve of up to 350 km. Cylinders are located under the body.

16.12.2015 / A batch of NEFAZ buses was purchased by the carrier in Kaliningrad

Russian Automotive Market Research

NEFAS city buses were purchased by the company West Line, engaged in passenger transportation in the Kaliningrad region. The supplier became an official KAMAZ dealer in the region – Auto center Kardan.

NEFAZ bus has 25 seats and its total capacity is 105 passengers. New buses are equipped with automatic gear box, systems of GLONASS and modern video surveillance, heating and air conditioning both in the cab and the compartment.

At the request of Kaliningrad carriers the Neftekamsk plant developed a new model of suburban bus. At the moment the model is tested and at the end of December shall be delivered in Kaliningrad.

14.12.2015 / Import and export of trucks in January-October 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal Customs Service of Russia, import of trucks in January-October 2015 fell by 69.5% and made 16.7 thousand vehicles on 672.1 million dollars. 15 thousand trucks on 355 million dollars were imported from foreign countries, the remaining 1.7 thousand trucks on 317.1 million dollars – from CIS countries.

Export of trucks for the first ten months of 2015 decreased by 20.4% to 14.4 thousand vehicles on 337.6 million dollars. 3.8 thousand trucks on 165.8 million dollars were supplied to foreign countries, 10.7 thousand trucks on 171.8 million dollars - to CIS countries.

10.12.2015 / «Sollers» will sell part of its shares of «Sollers-Isuzu» to Japanese Sojitz Corp

Russian Automotive Market Research

Sollers can lose its foreign JV partner – Japanese manufacturer of Isuzu trucks. The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia approved the purchase of 21% of shares of Sollers-Isuzu JSC – the joint venture of Sollers and Isuzu manufacturing trucks by Japanese trading-industrial Corporation Sojitz Corp. As a result of the transaction of Sojitz, which has already owned 5% of JV, it will increase its share to 26%. Sojitz purchases stocks of Sollers, the share of which will be lower than control one and made 45%. According to some data, in the future Sollers may completely withdraw from the joint venture and move away from the development of Isuzu brand in Russia and ceased to carry out its distribution.

09.12.2015 / KAMAZ expects positive market dynamics in 2016-2018

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ expects a growth of sales beginning 2016. According to calculations of the company’s marketing specialists, sales of KAMAZ trucks in 2016 will be at the level of 32 thousand units (a 11.1% increase on the expected sales in 2015), in 2017 – 40.2 thousand units (+25.6%), in 2018 – 50.2 thousand units (+24.9%). Also the company plans to sell 25 thousand vehicles in 2016 in Russia, 31.9 thousand vehicles in 2017, 39.4 thousand vehicles in 2018. Sales are expected to grow due to the market recovery.