Commercial Vehicles

26.02.2015 / European Commission approved joining of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok and Fuso Kamaz Trucks Rus

Russian Automotive Market Research

Antimonopoly authorities of the European Commission (EC) approved a deal between Daimler AG and KAMAZ on joining of joint ventures Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok and Fuso Kamaz Trucks Rus in Naberezhnye Chelny. The Commission concluded that the proposed acquisition will not affect the competition in the European market, because the joint venture will operate only in Russia and Belarus.

First of all, joining of joint ventures will reduce costs, as enterprises are located on a single production site in Tatarstan. Administrative expenses after the creation of a single joint venture may fall by 10-20%.

25.02.2015 / Electric buses LIAZ will appear in Moscow

Russian Automotive Market Research

In March 2015 GAZ Group plans to supply its first electric bus to Moscow for test operation. The new model with power reserve up to 280 km is based on the bus LiAZ-5292, constructed with the participation of specialists from Scania.

The electric bus has asynchronous engine of 180 kW, traction motor inverter with the function of regenerative braking and energy storage, which is adapted for using in winter. Batteries are fully charged during 6.5 hours, their recharge requires a connection to the network of 380 V. The length of a model is 12 meters; its weight is more than 18 tons. The bus can accommodate 90 passengers and is heated with diesel heater. The maximum speed of the electric bus is 80 km/H.

Previously Mosgortrans planned to begin procurement of electric buses in 2014.

24.02.2015 / GAZ Group needs state guarantees to restructure its debt

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group asked for state guarantees on 25 billion rubles to restructure its debt of 60 billion rubles.

In the first half of 2014, the company's revenue according IFRS decreased by 8% to 55 billion rubles, the net loss amounted to 1.3 billion rubles, the net debt – 60.36 billion rubles, its ratio to EBITDA - 5.5.

Previous attempts of the company to receive state guarantees were unsuccessful because of the regulatory framework: state guarantees were provided only for new investment projects. This opportunity arose in January 2015, when the government approved the anti-crisis plan: it provides for the granting of up to 200 billion rubles of state guarantees, including for debt restructuring.

20.02.2015 / Buses NEFAZ were supplied to Bashkortostan under the program of subsidizing of purchase of gas-powered vehicles

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ supplied 30 city buses NEFAZ 5299-30-51 running on compressed natural gas to Bashkortostan. Buses were received under the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation «On Approval of Rules for Granting Subsidies for Purchasing Gas-Powered Buses and Equipment for Housing and Communal Services». Buses were delivered to the motor transport enterprise Bashavtotrans by the company jointly with Sberbank Leasing and KAMAZ’s official dealer of passenger buses – the company Avtosbyt.

NEFAZ 5299-30-51 is a 60% low-floor bus equipped with Mercedes-Benz M 906 LAG/EEV/1 (Euro 5) gas engine and adapted for transportation of people with disabilities. The bus accommodates 105 passengers. In the basic version, the bus features a kneeling system (a device tilting the vehicle), which saves time at bus stops and enables passengers to board and leave the bus more easily.

19.02.2015 / Verano Motors will sell vehicles GAZ in Balkan States

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group signed a distribution agreement with the Eastern European Company Verano Motors to sell GAZelle NEXT LCVs on the territory of the countries of South East Europe - Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Start of sales of the Euro-5 GAZelle NEXT LCVs is planned for the second quarter of 2015. At the beginning they will be sold by nine dealer centers. In addition to vehicles of the family Next Verano Motors will also sell AWD GAZelle Business and Sobol Business vehicles. Training and certification of salespersons and service specialists for GAZ vehicles are currently in process in the dealer centers of these countries.

Signing of the agreement with a new partner is a part of GAZ strategy to extend sales to the non-CIS export markets.

18.02.2015 / Production of commercial vehicles in January 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, 2.6 thousand trucks were produced in January 2015, which is a 13.6% decrease on the previous year.

KAMAZ and GAZ Group, the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in Russia, resumed production only beginning January 26, 2015 because of the corporate leave. KAMAZ continued its work in the reduced four-day mode. During the leave Gorky Automobile Plant carried out the large-scale modernization of production in order to prepare for the launch of the all-metal van GAZelle Next in 2015.

Over the first month of 2014 the bus production in Russia decreased by 29.1% to 791 units.

18.02.2015 / KAMAZ will launch two new models to the market

Russian Automotive Market Research

In March 2015 KAMAZ will launch mass production of two new models of trucks with components Daimler. The company will manufacture a truck tractor KAMAZ-65206 and high-sided long-haul truck KAMAZ-65207.

New models of trucks, developed in collaboration with Daimler, have comfortable air-conditioned Mercedes-Benz Axor cabs with heated seats and modified KAMAZ chassis. The vehicles are powered with Mercedes-Benz in-line six-cylinder Euro-5 engine capacity of 428 HP, at a customer’s request it can be replaced by a 400-horsepower engine made by KAMAZ.

17.02.2015 / KAMAZ sales decreased by 15% in 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

In 2014 KAMAZ sold 32584 trucks and assembly kits (-15%) in Russia. According to KAMAZ, the total volume of the Russian market of trucks with GVW of 14-40 tons made 69.9 thousand vehicles (-17%) last year, as a result the share of KAMAZ reached 45.9% against 44.7% in the previous year. The company notes that sales dynamics in the market of heavy trucks in 2014 largely depended on the decrease of capital investment, slowdown in construction, low business activity, reduction in demand for investment goods. Meanwhile, last year KAMAZ exported 6087 trucks – by 6% more than in 2013. The main export markets became Kazakhstan and countries of Africa.

12.02.2015 / Sales of new trucks DAF were launched in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

DAF presents a new series of trucks LF Euro 5 in the Russian market - models with GVW of 12, 14, 16, and 19 tons, including a special version for the construction segment. Vehicles are offered with three types of engines PACCAR Euro 5, manual gear boxes ZF and automatic gear boxes AS Tronic.

Models of the new line-up LF Euro 5 are available as chassis 4x2 with day cab, sleeper cab or extended day cab.

Trucks have modern systems of heating and ventilation, a new generation of seats, upgraded dashboard and adjustable steering wheel with a new system of switches control.

11.02.2015 / Import and export of trucks in 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal Customs Service of Russia, in 2014 import of trucks fell by 31% to 61.3 thousand vehicles on 2 billion 045.8 million dollars. Of them 58.9 thousand trucks on 1 billion 707.3 million dollars were imported from foreign countries, the remaining 2.4 thousand vehicles on 338.5 million dollars - from CIS countries.

Export of trucks decreased by 18.5% to 22 thousand vehicles on 503.6 million dollars. 5 thousand trucks on 182.7 million dollars were supplied to foreign countries, 17 thousand vehicles on 320.8 million dollars – to CIS countries.