Commercial Vehicles

31.03.2015 / Expansion of the model line-up is of high priority for GAZ Group

Russian Automotive Market Research

Future plans of GAZ Group for 2015 are largely connected with the expansion of the line-up of manufactured products. Four projects are of high priority for the group in 2015. The first is GAZelle Next all-metal van, the second one - Ural Next.

The third emphasis in 2015 is Vector Next, the bus, production of which will be launched in October at Pavlovo bus plant, on the basis of GAZon Next. A new power unit will be the fourth product in this series of key new products (is planned for autumn, the matter concerns the gas version of the 534 engine, meeting Euro-5 standard).

In addition to the renewal of the model line-up, the company's management set the following targets for 2015: the development of production of special purpose vehicles (by itself and with partners); preservation and development of the dealer network; development of availability of service and spare parts; development of export to foreign countries; reduction of transaction costs in GAZ Group by 5.3 billion rubles; reduction of production costs by 8% for each division; reduction of inventory turnover to 8 days; increase in the localization level.

30.03.2015 / KAMAZ announced the long-term test-drive for models with Daimler components

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ offered its potential consumers test-drive of vehicles of the new model line-up with Daimler components. Previously, mainly journalists and test drivers could test KAMAZ novelties, their technical capabilities and driving performance, but now this service is available to everyone in KAMAZ dealer centers.

The truck can be received from the dealer for a short test-drive (the drive with the employee of the dealership), and long term - for up to one month. Under the long-term test-drive the potential consumer and the dealer sign a contract of lease of the vehicle without crew. For a small fee, the transport company may take KAMAZ of the new generation in its fleet for a certain period of time and operate it along with other vehicles.

The offer covers only models with Daimler components - KAMAZ-5490, KAMAZ-65206, KAMAZ-65207, KAMAZ-6580, KAMAZ-65801, KAMAZ-65802 and KAMAZ-65806.

25.03.2015 / KAMAZ sales decreased almost two-fold in January-February 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

Over the first two months of 2015 sales of KAMAZ trucks decreased by 41% to 2.3 million units. According to KAMAZ Group, the market of trucks with GVW of 14-40 tons, which is primarily presented by KAMAZ trucks, fell by 48% and amounted to 4.5 thousand vehicles. KAMAZ share in the Russian market in January-February made 52%.

24.03.2015 / Announcement of launch of sales of GAZ commercial vehicles in the Balkans

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group and Verano Motologistic, official distributor of GAZ in the Balkans, announced the oncoming start of GAZ sales in the Balkans in the second quarter of 2015. All vehicles are equipped with Cummins 2,8 ISF Euro-5 diesel engines.

At the first stage, GAZ sales will start in the Serbian capital – Belgrade - and in Nis – a major industrial and trade center in the south of the country. Then, till the end of 2015, sales will start in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. Vehicles will be sold by nine dealer centers in four countries. 

20.03.2015 / Production of commercial vehicles in February 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, in January-February 2015, 10.9 thousand trucks were produced in Russia, which is a 32.6% decrease on the previous year. In February 8.3 thousand trucks rolled off the Russian production lines that is by 37.2% less than the last year.

Because of the drop in demand the plant Volvo Vostok in Kaluga suspended production of Volvo and Renault trucks indefinitely in February.

Production of buses in Russia over the first two months of 2015 decreased by 24.6% and made 3.2 thousand units. In February bus plants produced about 2.3 million vehicles – by 23.2% less than in the previous year.

18.03.2015 / 2014 became unprofitable for KAMAZ

Russian Automotive Market Research

In 2014 KAMAZ proceeds from sales of products, goods and services made 104 billion 388.6 million rubles, of which revenue from sales of vehicles and spare parts - 98 billion 134.6 million rubles, according to the company's financial reporting in accordance with the Russian accounting standards. Despite the fact that the company obtained the profit of 2 billion 370.8 million rubles from its core business (sales of vehicles), by the results of the financial year it received the loss of 423.6 million rubles. Other activities were impacted by changes in foreign currency exchange rates, which increased KAMAZ loss by 2 717.9 million rubles.

In 2014 KAMAZ sold 32584 trucks and assembly kits of parts in Russia (-15%).

16.03.2015 / Import and export of trucks in January 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal Customs Service of Russia, in January 2015 import of trucks in Russia decreased two-fold and made 1600 units on 46.5 million dollars. 1500 trucks (-53.1%) on 34 million dollars were imported from foreign countries, 100 trucks (at the level of the previous year) on 12.5 million dollars - from CIS countries.

For the reporting period 500 trucks (-67%) on 12.1 million dollars were sold outside Russia. 200 units (-82%) on 7 million dollars were supplied to foreign countries, 300 units on 5.1 million dollars - to CIS countries. 

16.03.2015 / State contracts concluded at the end of 2014 became unprofitable for automakers

Russian Automotive Market Research

Major automakers may have problems with the execution of contracts with public authorities and government institutions, concluded before the sharp devaluation of the ruble in November-December 2014. Because of the devaluation and the increase in price for components the cost of previously contracted equipment grew. So, for GAZ Group this problem concerns some state contracts on the entire model line-up, but most acutely - long-term contracts for buses. KAMAZ also faced this problem and currently carries on negotiations on the revision of terms of some contracts.

State contracts can be reviewed due to the government decree of March 6, 2015. It defines rules concerning changes to contracts to be completed in 2015 by agreement of the parties. This document as anti-crisis measure will be effective until January 1, 2016.

12.03.2015 / Scania sales decreased by 8.3% in 2014

Russian Automotive Market Research

In 2014 the company Scania-Rus sold 5499 new trucks in Russia (-8.3%). In a segment of passenger transport 105 Scania intercity buses and coaches, including Scania bus chassis, were delivered. Due to services of the company Scania Leasing, in 2014, 1907 vehicles were funded, which is almost by 19% more than in 2013 and equal to 9.4 billion rubles.

Scania continuously expands service coverage in Russia, currently offering the vehicle maintenance in more than 60 Scania authorized service centers. Last year the company opened BorovskTruckCenter in Borovsk (the Kaluga region), DV Scan in Yakutia, ScanKavkaz in the Republic of Adygea, TradeTruck and Service in Murmansk and Saint Petersburg, Ulyanovsk-Scan in Ulyanovsk, AlfaScan in Ufa, Spectechnika in Vladivostok.

11.03.2015 / KAMAZ presented details of a concept of unmanned trucks

Russian Automotive Market Research

By 2027 KAMAZ plans to launch unmanned vehicle to the road, the safety of which is higher than that of vehicles controlled by the man.

KAMAZ estimates the total costs for the development and production of unmanned trucks in 17-18 billion rubles. Currently the company works on a project to create an unmanned vehicle under the working title Autorobot, which involves three directions: SmartPilot, AirPilot and RoboPilot.

The direction SmartPilot is the creation of smart assistants for the driver, which will help him in an emergency, for example, to slow down the vehicle. Also, the system includes adaptive cruise control, maintaining speed depending on vehicles in front.