Commercial Vehicles

29.04.2015 / KAMAZ and «Gazprom» will develop the gas fuel market together

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ and Gazprom agreed on simultaneous development of the gas fuel market. The agreement concerning this issue reflects the intention of Gazprom companies to buy KAMAZ vehicles and spare parts for their own needs. Under the agreement terms KAMAZ will carry out after-sales service and repair of cars.

It is expected that in the framework of cooperation Gazprom will annually send KAMAZ plans on volumes of purchase and a list of required models. In case of creation of own infrastructure of after-sales service in Gazprom companies KAMAZ will facilitate the delivery of all necessary parts and special tools, diagnostics equipment, service documentation and software, as well as training of specialists engaged in service of KAMAZ trucks and special purpose vehicles based on KAMAZ chassis.

28.04.2015 / KAMAZ-5490 long-haul truck tractor received the robotized gear box

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ launched mass production of KAMAZ-5490 long-haul truck tractors with the automated gear box. The vehicle with Mercedes-Benz power unit received 12-speed robotized gear box ZF Astronic. The company does not reveal the cost of the new version and the date of sales launch.

The new system of gear box control using understeering switch enables to choose between the automatic and manual mode.

27.04.2015 / Rosavtodor will take measures against trucks with above-level weight

Russian Automotive Market Research

Until 2018 Rosavtodor plans to establish 127 posts of automatic weight control of trucks on federal highways. Currently there have been already 16 points of weighing of heavy trucks, but the new equipment will be commissioned only by the end of the year.

Automatic weigher can check axle loads, dimensions and other characteristics of trucks. In case of overweight without special permit, the equipment sends a fine receipt to the vehicle owner. Rosavtodor estimated that trucks with above-level weight cause the damage in the amount of about 2.6 trillion rubles each year to federal highways, while costs of development and maintenance of roads make only about 1 trillion rubles per season. Coating of highways is destroyed much faster than it is built and repaired.

24.04.2015 / Production of gas vehicles will be launched in KAMAZ

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ opened the building of gas vehicles; the planned production capacity is up to 8 thousand vehicles per year. The project implementation lasted a little over a year. The production site is located in the former dual-fuel building of the automobile plant; the new equipment has been already installed and launched in a test mode. The project budget (including taxes) made about 500 million rubles.

The chassis assembly and installation of the gas engine will be carried out on the main assembly line of the automobile plant and then the vehicle goes to the building of gas vehicles for the installation of LPG equipment and conduction of the entire cycle of tests, as well as for running of vehicles and chassis. KAMAZ gas engines (including upgraded ones with Bosch component base), assembled at the engine plant, are also fully tested and running in.

24.04.2015 / Tests of LIAZ electric bus will start in Moscow

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group provided Mosgortrans with electric bus LIAZ-6274, based on the low-floor bus LIAZ-5292 and designed for urban transportation. One of the largest passenger carriers of the country will assess the performance of the bus on real megalopolis routes for a few months. Electric bus uses batteries charged from the power supply, which provide a power reserve of up to 280 km.

23.04.2015 / Production of Ford Transit by full cycle was launched in Yelabuga

Russian Automotive Market Research

Ford Sollers JV held a ceremony of launch of production of Ford Transit light commercial vehicles of the new generation by full cycle - with the body welding and painting. Before this the new Ford Transit was produced in the regime of SKD assembly. To switch over to the full-scale production the plant in Yelabuga was modernized by installing state-of-the-art equipment. All investment in modernized production line for light commercial vehicles will exceed 100 million dollars.

The company plans to assemble special versions of Transit, including fixed-route taxis, school buses and ambulances, on this production line.

22.04.2015 / KAMAZ financial results in the first quarter of 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

In the first quarter of 2015 KAMAZ received the net loss of 463.264 million rubles according RAS, which is three times less than the loss of the company for the similar period of 2014, when it made 1.366 billion rubles.

For the reporting period the company's revenue fell by 22.7% to 13.916 billion rubles. The cost of sales decreased by 22.45% and made 13.108 billion rubles. The gross profit fell by 26.8% to 807.860 million rubles. The sales loss increased by 25.6% to 1.034 billion rubles.

As of March 31, 2015 long-term borrowings of the company increased by 11.3% to 15.679 billion rubles, the total long-term liabilities grew by 9.5% to 19.171 billion rubles. Short-term borrowings decreased by 24.2% to 8.433 billion rubles, accounts payable - by 22.2% to 21.061 billion rubles. The total current liabilities decreased by 21.8% to 30.857 billion rubles.

21.04.2015 / «KAMAZ-Leasing» offers the rent of used vehicles

Russian Automotive Market Research

«KAMAZ-Leasing» launched a new product to the market – «Rent of used vehicles», which aims to extend clients opportunities to purchase KAMAZ and NEFAZ vehicles on lease. Vehicles withdrawn from leasing will be rented with a right of subsequent purchase at will of the client. The lease term is up to 36 months, the minimum initial payment is 20%. Payments may be made under the descending and uniform schedule - at the buyer’s discretion.

All vehicles are equipped with GLONASS navigation systems and the cost includes insurance at the rate of 1.09%.

20.04.2015 / Electric bus of the new generation was developed in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

The low-floor electric bus of the second generation was first presented to the Department of transport of Moscow. The vehicle is charged for 6 minutes from a specially equipped station and is able to drive using stored energy about 100 km even in the urban traffic. It can be on the route around the clock. This is the first electric bus with such characteristics in Russia.

The new electric bus is a joint product of KAMAZ JSC and engineering company Drive Electro. Due to its ultra-fast charging there is no need for the high power capacity of the storage. Accordingly, it requires the less number of batteries, which lightens construction and increases the passenger capacity. DE storages are based on LTO-batteries with high frost resistance and extended service life.

17.04.2015 / Production of commercial vehicles in the first quarter of 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, in January-March 23 thousand trucks were produced that is by 23.3% less than in the previous year. In March 12.1 thousand trucks rolled off the Russian production lines, which is a 12.1% decrease on the similar period of the last year.

Because of the falling demand for commercial vehicles in Russia, in March the plant MAN in Saint Petersburg suspended the production of trucks until the middle of May 2015. Gorky Automobile Plant launched the production of city and cargo and passenger modifications of Gazon Next medium-duty truck.

Over three months of 2015 production of buses in Russia decreased by 16.5% and made 6.6 thousand units. In March bus plants produced about 3.4 thousand vehicles that is by 7.6 % less than in the previous year.