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28.05.2015 / KAMAZ looks for the partner for the work in Egypt

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ carries on negotiations with the Egyptian side on the possible joint projects in the automotive industry. Trade and industrial dialogue «Russia – Egypt» took place in Cairo on May 25-26.

Today KAMAZ can offer the Egyptian side several variants of cooperation. One of them is the supply of vehicle chassis for manufacturers of superstructures, including buses, garbage and dump trucks. Also it offers vehicles for the transportation of heavy and bulky cargoes, including on the basis of KAMAZ chassis with gas engine, which are produced at the Kama Automobile Plant. It is expected that trucks with gas engines will be in great demand in Egypt, where the oil and gas industry is one of the leading sectors and gas filling stations are very popular. In this regard, representatives of the Russian automobile plant are searching for a potential partner, which will organize the sales center and service of KAMAZ vehicles. The company also conducts negotiations on the creation of the enterprise to assemble Russian trucks near the Suez Canal.

27.05.2015 / Scania will keep its production in Russia

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Swedish automaker Scania expects that the Russian market of trucks will recover beginning 2016. Since the beginning of the year the company sales in Russia decreased by 59%, but it intends to maintain the assembly of vehicles at its plant in Saint-Petersburg.

The company estimates that this year sales of trucks will fall two-fold. Major projects, including the World Cup 2018, may have a positive impact on the recovery of the Russian market of trucks.

Last year Scania decreased production of vehicles at the plant in Saint-Petersburg by 40% to 600 trucks. The company notes that now this production is not justified because of the low volumes of sales, but Scania is not going to close down the plant or dismiss employees.

26.05.2015 / In 2014 NEFAZ became the leader in terms of supply of gas buses

Russian Automotive Market Research

Following the results of 2014 Neftekamsk Automobile Plant received the net profit of 36 million rubles. One of the main tasks of the enterprise last year was keeping of its positions in the vehicle market in case of a sharp decline in demand. According to the company, NEFAZ share in the segment of truck trailers was 10%, in the segment of capacitive tank vehicles – 16%, large passenger buses – 12%. In 2014 the plant became the leader in the segment of natural gas buses, its share made 61%. In 2014 NEFAZ sold 104 large passenger buses running on compressed natural gas in the framework of granting subsidies from the federal budget by the government.

25.05.2015 / KAMAZ attracts buyers by test drives

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ plans to increase the popularity of its vehicles with the help of test drives. The company intends to conduct test drives for carriers on special tracks in five cities of Russia: Krasnodar, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Kazan. Previously KAMAZ vehicles could be tested only in some dealerships of the brand.

KAMAZ-5490 (4x2) and KAMAZ-65206 (6x4) tractors and KAMAZ-65207 (6x4) drop side vehicle will participate in test drives. Tractors will be presented with NEFAZ trailers. The plant expects to hold special test drives until the end of July.

21.05.2015 / The model line-up of KAMAZ and NEFAZ was supplemented with electric buses

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ presented two new electric buses. KAMAZ-2257E semi-low-floor electric bus, designed for 22 passengers, is the first Russian electric bus of extra small class, able to transport people with disabilities. These buses can be used as fixed-route taxi, as well as on lightly loaded routes.

Another electric bus is NEFAZ-52994E of the large class. It is designed to carry up to 85 passengers. The electric bus has modern components of the traction electrical equipment, including electroportal axle (with integrated power wheels) and lithium-titanate battery, the main advantages of which are the high frost resistance (do not require the construction of heated buildings to charge the battery in winter) and the service life increased in three times (10 years). Electric bus is charged for a few minutes from the ultrafast charging station using single arm pantographs, and there is the ability to charge the bus from the trolleybus network. The bus can travel 100 km on this charge.

20.05.2015 / KAMAZ in partnership with AK BARS Bank launched the new lending program

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ and AK BARS Bank launch a program of preferential auto loans for entrepreneurs, who plan to purchase KAMAZ vehicles. The program is implemented in the framework of recently signed agreements on cooperation of KAMAZ and AK BARS Bank in the field of comprehensive bank services and implementation of partnership programs.

The favorable offer is formed due to the special discount for vehicles, provided by KAMAZ dealers, which will subsidize a part of the interest rate on a loan for client, as well as preferential interest rate from AK BARS Bank with the support of «Russian Bank for Small and Medium Enterprises Support» JSC (SME BANK). As a result, the overpayment when buying a car on credit significantly decreases.

The borrower can count on a loan in the amount from 1 to 60 million rubles, the marketing rate - from 4.9% (depending on the term, loan amount and initial payment), the minimum initial payment - 10%, the loan term - from two to five years. In the framework of one loan agreement several vehicles can be purchased. There is no early repayment charge.

19.05.2015 / KAMAZ significantly increased export of its vehicles in the first quarter 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

In the first quarter of 2015 KAMAZ increased export of vehicles and assembly kits by 28% to 895 units. The share of export in total sales made 19%.

Export supplies of KAMAZ began to rise in the third quarter of the last year. In the first quarter of 2015, export to CIS countries fell by 16.7%, and to foreign countries increased 4-fold. They increased primarily due to supplies in Azerbaijan, Vietnam and Latin America.

This year KAMAZ expects to sell abroad from 6000 (the level of 2014) to 8000 vehicles. KAMAZ organizes assembly production in countries with the most capacious markets. The company has already established plants in Kazakhstan, India, Colombia, Lithuania, Vietnam; it studies the possibility of production in Argentina, Indonesia and other.

18.05.2015 / The Russian Post received new KAMAZ trucks

Russian Automotive Market Research

In Podolsk there was a ceremony of transfer of new KAMAZ vehicles, specially designed for the delivery of postal goods, to the Russian Post. The replacement of more than 100 KAMAZ vehicles under the state program «Scrappage of vehicles» will enable the Russian Post to renew and rejuvenate the vehicle fleet and reduce expenses for the vehicle maintenance in the truck segment. To ensure continuous delivery of mail throughout the country exceptional terms of the implementation of the state scrappage program were approved for the Russian Post: the company receives new vehicles before scrappage of old ones – this enables to renew the vehicle fleet without detriment to the delivery continuity.

By now 101 KAMAZ vehicles have been already delivered to regional branches of the Russian Post. Vehicles are supplied under a lease agreement through the company KAMAZ-Leasing.

15.05.2015 / GAZ Group presented two new bus models

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group presented new Vector-3 and LiAZ-4292 medium bus at the Bus World-2015 exhibition. Both buses are developed for operations at low passenger flow routes. Serial production of new Vector-3 and LiAZ-4292 will be launched in 2015. GAZ Group also showed new Cruise tourist bus at the Bus World-2015 exhibition.

Vector-3, a small city and suburban bus, has a 3-seat-row arrangement of the passenger compartment. The vehicle is designed to carry 33 passengers including 20 seats. Vector-3 on Isuzu chassis is equipped with Euro-4 engine capacity of 123 HP and manual Isuzu gear box.

LiAZ-4292, a low-floor city bus, is a prototype of a medium bus to be produced at GAZ Group Likino Bus Plant. LiAZ-4292 can carry 75 passengers including 18 seats and one seat for low-mobility persons. The bus is equipped with YaMZ Euro-5 diesel engine capacity of 210 HP, automatic ZF gear box and axles.

14.05.2015 / KAMAZ sales decreased 2-fold in January-April 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

Following the results of the first four months of 2015 KAMAZ sold 5 thousand trucks in the Russian market, which is a 49% decrease on the previous year. According to the company’s experts, over this period the Russian market of trucks with GVW of 14-40 tons fell by 62% and amounted to 9.2 thousand units. Thus, KAMAZ share in the Russian market in January-April made 54% against 41% in the previous year.

According to KAMAZ forecast, in 2015 the Russian market of trucks with GVW of 14-40 tons will amount to 51 thousand units. The company plans to sell 26 thousand vehicles. KAMAZ expects to keep its leading position due to the market launch of the new model line-up and displacement of foreign competitors, expansion of the use of vehicles running on natural gas fuel and cost optimization through import substitution.