Commercial Vehicles

29.06.2015 / LIAZ bus was certified for the compliance with regulations on transportation of low-mobility passengers

Russian Automotive Market Research

GAZ Group certified LIAZ-529222 low-floor city bus for compliance with United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) regulation No. 107 (an international regulation governing technical uniformity and safety of vehicles). Vehicles certification in compliance with international regulations will expand the company's capabilities with regards to promoting products in export markets.

Technical UNECE regulation No. 107 were developed taking into account the need to provide barrier-free environment for low-mobility passengers. As part of the certification process the bus design received additional improvements to ensure comfort of low-mobility passengers: an extra row of handrails and two dedicated seats for disabled passengers with guide-dogs were provided.

26.06.2015 / NEFAZ organized the production of Bell mine trucks

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Russian division of Bell and NEFAZ (part of KAMAZ) launched the project on the organization of an assembly of articulated dump trucks BELL. Assembly of BELL heavy trucks will be launched after testing the prototype, which has been already produced in Bashkortostan. The parties did not disclose the project investment and production plans, but it is known that the project will be started with the small-scale assembly and welding of mine trucks bodies.

BELL annually produces about 2 thousand special purpose vehicles; since 2013 vehicles have been supplied in Russia from South Africa.

25.06.2015 / «Gazprom» and KAMAZ agreed on the joint work in the field of gas vehicles

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ and «Gazprom» signed an agreement on strategic areas of cooperation in order to expand the use of natural gas as a motor fuel. In accordance with this document, the parties will implement joint plans in the field of import substitution in the production of equipment and components necessary for the development of CNG infrastructure and production of gas vehicles. The document also envisages the implementation of joint projects for the transfer of existing transport routes of long haul and regional operations of «Gazprom» and KAMAZ to the use of gas vehicles.

25.06.2015 / Citroen launched sales of updated Berlingo

Russian Automotive Market Research

On June 25, 2015 Citroen begins to accept orders for the updated Berlingo family. Passenger (Berlingo Multispace) and cargo version of the van (Berlingo Fourgon) will be available. Prices for the vehicle start from 939 000 and 860 000 rubles, respectively.

The vehicle received a modified front bumper, new radiator grill and led daytime running lights. There are two new body colors - Gris Acier and Moka Brown.

The engine range of the vehicle included 1.6-liter HDi diesel unit capacity of 90 HP. The engine works in combination with manual gear box.

24.06.2015 / Nizhny Novgorod will receive LIAZ buses on almost one billion rubles

Russian Automotive Market Research

By autumn GAZ Group will supply 144 LIAZ buses running on compressed natural gas in Nizhny Novgorod: 90 LIAZ-5256 buses and 54 LIAZ-5293 buses. Vehicles are purchased under a leasing contract; their total cost is about 1 billion rubles. Buses will be used for transportation of passengers on city routes of Nizhny Novgorod.

Vehicles are equipped with Cummins gas engines of the environmental standard Euro-4, Raba axles, Allison automatic gear boxes and gas detectors. Gas fuel is charged into nine cylinders capacity of 102 liters each, located on the bus roof.

LIAZ-5293 large bus is designed for 100 passengers, including 24 seats, as well as specially equipped places for people with reduced mobility. LIAZ-5256 large bus for urban transportation is designed for 88 passengers, including 44 seats.

23.06.2015 / Sberbank and «GAZ Group» signed cooperation agreement

Russian Automotive Market Research

Sberbank and GAZ Group signed a general agreement on cooperation in foreign markets. The agreement envisages interaction of the parties with regards to funding of export sales of vehicles, leasing and factoring operations and providing special credit programs for foreign end customers.

Expanding its presence in the export markets is one of the key areas of GAZ Group development. The company's flagship product GAZelle Next has received an EU whole vehicle type approval, the vehicle is currently produced in Turkey, preparation for GAZ LCV's sales has launched in the Balkan countries, bus products have been certified for compliance with international requirements. Currently the company is negotiating with potential partners with regards to setting up distribution of its vehicles in more than 30 countries all over the world.

23.06.2015 / KAMAZ will invest two times less funds in its investment program

Russian Automotive Market Research

KAMAZ will reduce its expenses for the long-term program aimed at modernizing the production, development of a new model line-up and so on. The task is to reduce the investment program in two times (the total program amounted to 93 billion rubles), but at the same time to fulfill plans. The program costs will be reduced through the creation of joint ventures, revision of suppliers and more effective decisions during modernization.

18.06.2015 / KAMAZ sales decreased two-fold in May 2015

Russian Automotive Market Research

In May 2015 KAMAZ sales in the Russian market decreased to 1080 vehicles. In May 2014 more than 2 thousand vehicles were sold in Russia. Thus, in May 2015 sales fell by more than 50%.

In January-May 2015, KAMAZ sales decreased by 54% to 6.1 thousand vehicles. According to the company, the entire Russian market of heavy trucks fell by 64% to 11.1 thousand vehicles.

According to forecasts of KAMAZ marketing experts, in 2015 the Russian market of trucks with GVW of 14-40 tons will amount to 51 thousand vehicles. The company plans to sell 26 thousand vehicles. KAMAZ expects to keep its leading position due to the market launch of the new model line-up and displacement of foreign competitors, expansion of the use of vehicles running on natural gas, as well as the cost optimization through import substitution.

17.06.2015 / Major Truck Center opened in Moscow suburbs

Russian Automotive Market Research

The holding Major opened the multi-brand dealership selling and servicing commercial vehicles Major Truck Center in Moscow suburbs. The complex will be engaged in sales and maintenance of vehicles Iveco, Isuzu, GAZ, Volovo Trucks Renault, Trucks Krone, Grunwald, Rolfo. Until the end of 2015 the dealership plans to sell about 460 GAZ trucks, 60 IVECO trucks, 60 Isuzu trucks.

The holding Major invested its own funds in the amount of 500 million rubles in the construction and equipment of Major Truck Center. Portfolio of Major Truck Center is formed in order to protect the company from market fluctuations in demand and changes in the marketing policy of manufacturers. At the moment, Major Truck Center gives the preference to Russian manufacturers and foreign brands, vehicles of which are assembled in Russia. In the nearest future the company plans to develop its own body production.

15.06.2015 / Rules of granting subsidies to producers of agricultural vehicles were changed

Russian Automotive Market Research

The Russian government amended the rules of granting subsidies to producers of agricultural vehicles. In particular, the subsidy amount will be increased to 25% of the vehicle cost. In the previous version of these rules, the subsidy amount was 15% of the price for agricultural vehicles.

In addition, when selling agricultural vehicles to agricultural producers, registered on the territories of the Crimea, Siberian and Far Eastern federal districts, the subsidy will be 30%. The marginal cost of one agricultural vehicle also increased.